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In the area of civil protection the Civil Emergency Preparedness and Strategies Division fulfils the tasks of representing the Czech Republic, especially within the framework of the Council of the EU and the European Commission and in cooperation with the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU ensures joint procedures of the relevant central administrative authorities of the Czech Republic. Within the Ministry of the Interior the Czech Republic coordinates tasks related to the membership of the Czech Republic in the EU and fulfils the tasks resulting from the EU documents in the field of civil protection. It processes the required outputs, e.g. answers to EU questionnaires, materials for the meetings, documents, opinions, positions and mandates of the Czech Republic. At the same time it ensures the position of the European Critical Infrastructure Protection Program Contact Point at the international level. 

  1. Activities within the Council of the EU
  2. Activities within the European Commission

Within the European Commission the Civil Protection issues are addressed in particular in the Civil Protection Committee (CPC). The aim of this committee is to support the European Commission with the implementation of Decision No. 1313/2013/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on a Union Civil Protection Mechanism adopted to strengthen cooperation in the field of Civil Protection and to ensure a more effective response to disasters inside and outside the EU. CPC meetings are attended by representatives of the Civil Emergency Preparedness and Strategies Division.

There are many other expert working groups within the European Commission that meet mostly ad hoc. These working groups address topical issues such as prevention, collecting data about disasters, risk assessment, training program, aid transportation, early warning, forest fires, joint emergency communicational and information system, etc. These meetings are attended by representatives of the Civil Emergency Preparedness and Strategies Division in cooperation with other affected departments of the Fide Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.

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