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We protect life, health and property

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Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic – FRS CR

Activity, tasks and competence of the FRS CR in the field of fire protection, crisis management, civil emergency planning, population protection and Integrated Rescue System are stated by the acts negotiated and agreed by the Parliament  of the Czech Republic in July 2000 with efficiency since the 1st of January 2001.

Ministry of Interior – Directorate General of Fire Rescue Service of the CR
  • Director General of FRS CR
    • Press spokesman
    • Workplace of inspections and complaints
    • Fire protection unit of the Prague Castle
  • Integrated Rescue System and operational management section
    • Technical institute of Fire Protection
  • Economic section
    • Storage and repair unit of FRS CR
  • Human resources management section
    • School and training unit of FRS CR

Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

  • History
  • Status and tasks
  • Organizational structure
  • Laws and acts
  • Promise
  • Contracts and memorands
  • Symbol
  • Flags

Contacts: leadership, units, school, technical and targeted institutions, webmaster, mail room
Reception: +420 950 819 011
ID of data box: 84taiur
Psychological service
Emergency calls

FRS of regions, rescue unit and school
  • FRS of Capital of Prague
  • FRS of Central Bohemia Region
  • FRS of South Bohemia Region
  • FRS of Pilsen Region
  • FRS of Karlovy Vary Region
  • FRS of Ústí nad Labem Region
  • FRS of Liberec Region
  • FRS of Hradec Králové Region
  • FRS of Pardubice Region
  • FRS of Vysočina Region
  • FRS of South Moravia Region
  • FRS of Olomouc Region
  • FRS of Moravian-Silesian Region
  • FRS of Zlín Region
  • Rescue unit of FRS CR
  • The Fire Service College of the Czech Republic
Partner companies:
  • Foundation of policemen and firemen
  • Czech National Committee CTIF
  • Exposure of fire protection

August 4, 2016

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