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Magazine 112

112 – special magazine of fire protection, the Integrated Rescue System and population protection 

112_logo.jpgProvides information from the field of fire protection, of Integrated Rescue System bodies’ activity, of population protection and crisis management problems. Determined mainly to employees of state and local administration and to companies and entrepreneurs, active in Integrated Rescue System bodies and in fire protection and population protection area. 
The magazine has been published monthly in Czech with English and German annotations and is distributed to subscribers only.
Publisher: Ministerstvo vnitra - generální ředitelství HZS ČR
Adress: Kloknerova 26, pošt. přihr. 69, 148 01 PRAHA 414
Editor’s office: Kloknerova 26, 148 01 PRAHA 414
tel.: +420 950 819 798
Presented also on web site: 
Distribition and subscription:
Tiskárna Ministerstva vnitra, p.o., Bartůňkova 1159/4,
149 01 Praha 4
e-mail:, www.

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