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We protect life, health and property

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Declaration of accessability - Fire Service

Information on the website of the Ministry of the Interior is published in form accordant with the intimation No. 64/ 2008 Col. (the intimation about the accessibility of web pages of public administration for disabled persons) and fulfils all articles of the appendix of the intimation No.64/2008 Col.

The website of the Ministry of the Interior is composed according to the Blind Friendly Web methodic and instructions resulting from the intimation No. 64/2008 Col.

Recommended software supplements

For displaying documents in the pdf format you need to install Adobe Reader. You can download it for free on the web page of Adobe Systens, Inc.

Some documents could be published in other formats such as doc, xls, ppt. In that case you will need to download appropriate software to display the files e.g. Microsoft Office (shareware) or Open Office (freeware).

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If you face difficulties while browsing the website of the Ministry of the interior, please don´t hesitate to contact our webmaster by email - .

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