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Statistical Yearbook 2009 - (I.)

Fire units activities, Emergency calls, Fires, Prevention, Humanitarian assistance, Economic Indicators, Foreign statistics, Materials and information, Types of incidents with fire units interventions and Notes  

Fire units activities
Number of particular types of incidents with fire units’ interventions
Number of firefighters died and injured intervention
Number of interventions (multiple intervention inclusive) in particular types of incidents by type of fire unit
Basic information on fire units
Number of incidents in territory of municipalities with extended competencies
Cumulative information on incidents in regions
Incidents with intervention of military fire units
Cooperation of fire units in incidents
Incidents in 3rd stage and in special stage of alert
Survey on fire units interventions in districts and regions
Portion of types of fire units in total number of incidents
Number of particular activities of fire units
Adverse influences of interventions
Major exercises of IRS bodies
Emergency calls
Basic indicators
Fires – review
Values salvaged in fires
Number of casualties and fatalities during fires
Fires by districts and regions
Number of fires and damages by place of origin
Fire loss by ownership type
Fires – survey in branches
Industry, Forestry
Agriculture, Transport, Building Industry
Commerce, Households and dwellings
Portion of fire causes to total number of fires in households / dwellings in 2007 – 2009
Fires by causes and activities igniting fire
Portion of fires with loss of 1 mil. CZK and higher
Major fire cases with loss of 10 mil. CZK and higher
Survey of fire prevention of FRS CR
Fires – type of conclusion
Fires – conclusion in court
Function of fire safety equipment in fires
Survey of selected data from FRS CR activities in 2006 – 2008
Humanitarian assistance
Economic Indicators 
Electronic atlas of fire protection
What can statistics offer
Types of incidents with fire units’ interventions
Dash (-)          means that the event didn’t occur or wasn’t monitored
Dagger (x)      means that the entry is not possible from logical causes
Index %          2008 data compared with 2009 data (unless specified otherwise)
FRS CR           Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
VFU                voluntary fire units (municipal or company)
IRS                  Integrated Rescue System
The data in tables and diagrams are valid for 2009 if not mentioned differently.


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