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Ten years of the new Fire Brigade

Word of the Chief Editor of the Technical Monthly 112  

The Parliament of the Czech Republic passed an Act No. 238/2000 Coll. on 28 June 2000 about the fire brigade of the Czech Republic and changes of certain laws together with other relevant laws. By their entry into force on 1 January 2001, a professional brigade was born, characterized by new organizational structure, mission, scope, competencies and tasks. The Fire Brigade has become a solid pillar of the security system of the Czech Republic in its ten year´s existence.

Entry into the Jubilee year of its existence is certainly a reason to look back and also to balance work of its members and civilian employees. Ten years of work is statistically documented by thousands of saved lives and protected material values for billions of crowns. In several cases their work took its toll in the lives and injuries of firefighters and rescuers whose mission has become to protect their fellow citizens.

Jaroslav Vykoukal  -  editor - in - chief

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