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Summary Magazine 112 year 2021

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New Deputy Director General for IRS and Operations Management
On 1st August 2021 Major General Vladimír Vlček, Ph.D., MBA, General Director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, introduced Col. Petr Ošlejšek, Ph.D., to the position of Deputy General Director of the FRS CR for the integrated rescue system and operational management.
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Fire of storage hall in Braník
A waste fire in Modřanská Street, Prague 4, was reported to the Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of the Capital City of Prague on 12th April 2021 at 5.40 am. Upon arrival at the site and a conducted survey, it was found that the fire hit most of the storage hall and was continuing to spread. The firefighting intervention required deployment of a larger number of fire units and also the 2nd level of fire alarm was declared.
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Intervention on damaged water reservoir in Stěbořice
Pumping, cleaning and monitoring work on the "Nový Dvůr" reservoir near the village of Stěbořice, Opava district, took four days at the end of May 2021. This artificially created water source, located above the arboretum of the same name, also serves as a storage tank for domestic water. Due to heavy rainfall and a clogged safety spillway, the dam of the waterworks overflowed, which caused static failures.
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Rescue meeting Brno 2021
The second instructional and methodological training of extrication took place in the Brno School and Training Facility of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic on 30 June and 1 July 2021.  The event called “Rescue meeting Brno 2021” was organized by the Ministry of the Interior - General Directorate of the FRS CR, and was primarily intended for instructors of extrications in traffic accidents.

Material humanitarian aid to Lithuania
The Republic of Lithuania is currently facing an increased influx of illegal migrants crossing the Lithuanian-Belarusian border. The Government of the Republic of Lithuania declared the state of emergency in the country, and on 15 July 2021 asked the European Union for assistance. Through the activated Civil Protection Mechanism of the Union, the Republic of Lithuania requested international support and assistance. The aid was provided not only by the Czech Republic, further namely Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Sweden, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Finland.
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Construction of firefighting corners at fire stations in the South Bohemian Region
How to behave and what to do in case of fire? How to proceed correctly when it is necessary to hide or evacuate? What are firefighters doing? What do they have to know? Where do they intervene? We answer these questions and many more for children, people of working age and seniors in our fire classrooms and now in fire corners.
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