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Summary Magazine 112 year 2021

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New CEO of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
On 19th July 2021 Mr. Jan Hamáček, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, appointed new General Director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. Major General Vladimír Vlček, Ph.D., MBA, till now the regional director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region, gave our magazine an introductory interview.
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Fire protection in forestry and Air Fire Service in 2020
The Air Fire Service (AFS) has been provided by the Ministry of Agriculture since 1993 in close cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, and since 2001 also with the Air Service of the Czech Police. The AFS is fully funded by the Ministry of Agriculture. At the same time, the service is mandatory and its provision in a given year depends on the amount of available funds in the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture.
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Forest fire in the Eagle Mountains
Twenty fire units intervened during the forest fire in Sněžné in the Eagle (Orlické) Mountains on 11th May 2021 afternoon. The special level of fire alarm was announced due to the large affected area and the number of deployed fire units. Polish fire units were also involved in the liquidation of this forest fire in accordance with the mutual agreement on cooperation. Estimated damages of the fire, especially to the forest stand, reached some 100,000 CZK (about 4,000 EUR).
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Results of the Portuguese Presidency and aims of Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council in the field of civil protection
On Thursday 1st July 2021, Portugal handed over an imaginary baton in the form of the EU Council Presidency to Slovenia, which will complete the work program of the German-Portugal-Slovenia presidency trio over this next six-month period. This article covers the results of the last Portuguese Presidency and describes the priorities and objectives of the Slovenian Presidency.
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Use of the CENTRUM TRÉNING program
This article brings some ideas and information for a possible increase in the effectiveness of using the CENTRUM TRÉNING program. This special program is used for preparing regular users of input terminals of the unified warning system.
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Storage and repair facility HZS ČR - Olomouc
We continue in description of the Storage and Repair Facility of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, this time focused on the tasks performed by divisions in Olomouc (see No. 6/2021 of the 112 Magazine).
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Visit of firefighters to the camp of children with SMA
Every year, a summer camp for children with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), is held in Hoštětín near Uherské Hradiště, Moravia. The main organizer of the camp is Marie V., who takes care of her daughter suffering from this diagnosis. To make the stay interesting, she invites celebrities or various institution representants to come to it, who can pass on important information to the children to make their lives easier. Members of the Fire Rescue Service of the Zlín Region also accepted the invitation to one of the camp.
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