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Summary Magazine 112 year 2020

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Car wrecks and tires fire in the scrap metal area
On Friday 14th February 2020 at 2.17 pm, a wreck fire in the premises of the Kovošrot Group CZ Company in Kladno was announced to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of the Central Bohemian Region. The Kovošrot Group CZ Company has been recycling waste for many years. Recycled raw materials include scrap iron, non-ferrous metals, car wrecks, but also paper and plastics. In the company premises there is an office building, garages, workshops, earthmoving machinery and heavy equipment for handling scrap iron.
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Frontal collision of two motor passenger trains
According to the timetable, the regular railway connection from the Pernink station in the Karlovy Vary Region departs at 3.07 pm. This train has been always waiting here for the oncoming train from Nejdek, which continues with regular departure at 3.08 pm from Pernink in the direction of Horní Blatná and Potůčky. On Tuesday 7th July 2020, however, the driver had not waited for unknown reasons and set off on a single-track line against the approaching second railway set, with which it collided.
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New command car with a drone in Karlovy Vary
Firefighters in the Karlovy Vary Region acquired a unique command vehicle. Its equipment includes a modern unmanned vehicle (drone) that transmits image information for the evaluation and analysis of emergencies. The video output in this vehicle can be processed on site. It will provide the intervention commander with an overview of the location of the intervention in difficult terrain or over a large area.
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Forest fires
The Lesy České republiky Company, the largest forest land manager in the country, is very much aware of the risk of large-scale forest fires. The company manages 1.2 million hectares of forest land, which is about 46% of the total forest area in the Czech Republic. Based on a number of facts, the company took measures to reduce the potential risk.
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NATO Civil Emergency Preparedness Activity Report 2019
On Monday 27th July 2020, the material of the Ministry of the Interior - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (DG FRS CR) was submitted to the meeting of the National Security Council (NSC), namely the Report on Activities in the Field of NATO Civil Emergency Preparedness for 2019. This document describes developments in the field of civil emergency preparedness in NATO and summarizes the most important topics of activity of the members of the CEP Permanent Working Group of the CEP Councilto prepare a delegation for meetings of the CEPC and its planning groups.
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New devices for radiological laboratory
At the end of 2019, two new measuring instruments were purchased for the radiological laboratory of the Institute of Civil Protection FRS CR in Lázně Bohdaneč. Both of them, the liquid scintillation analyser and the semiconductor detector for gamma spectrometry, significantly expands the possibilities of performing analyses.
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