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Summary Magazine 112 year 2020

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Market fires as a great risk to firefighters
During each fire in the sales areas of the markets, the intervening firefighters face a number of complications and factors that have a negative effect on the course of the intervention itself. It is mainly the speed of the fire spread, presence of different dangerous substances, but also behaviour of the sellers themselves. The most serious case among the market fires so far is the fire of 6 November 2008, when the Sapa market in Prague started burning shortly after midnight.
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Simulated fire of meth brewery
Pervitin or methamphetamine (crystal meth) is one of the most frequently abused substances in the Czech Republic, mainly because it is readily available and has a relatively low price. This easily prepared addictive substance from the ranks of amphetamines stimulates the central nervous system. The Liberec FRS together with the Prague FRS requested the Technical Institute of Fire Protection to cooperate in the implementation of a fire simulation of an amateur meth brewery. The aim of the test was to determine the hazards associated with the release of toxic combustion products, to determine their chemical composition and to document the development of the temperature field inside the room.
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Firefighters from Česká Lípa region completed training on Mácha's Lake
At the beginning of this June, practical training of working on calm water took place on Mácha's Lake (Máchovo jezero) in the Liberec Region. Firefighters from the Doksy and Česká Lípa fire stations, the Liberec Fire Rescue Service, took part in the training. An integral part of their training was the practice of entering the water from the vessel, where it is important that the firefighter does not lose orientation and visual contact with the rescued person.
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Certificates of dog handlers for searching in rubble
During the intervention activities members of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic solve situations where it is necessary to look for a person buried under rubble, for example after a gas explosion or landslide during excavation work. Firefighters have many technical means, such as slit cameras, echo sounders, etc., but even these devices have their limits of use. Another possible and effective way to find a buried person is to use specially trained dogs who are trained for these types of interventions.  
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Biennial meeting of the Transport Information and Accident System
The Transport Information and Emergency Response System (TRINS) is an open and further developing assistance system incorporated into the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, which provides via its centres a continuous help in case of emergency connected with transportation or storage of dangerous substances in the Czech Republic. Traditionally, after two years, the meeting on the agreement on the Transport Information and Accident System was held, this time hosted in Prague by the Ministry of the Interior - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.
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