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Summary Magazine 112 year 2020

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Use of infrared camera in determining the cause of fires
A thermal imager, or a thermographic camera, a device that allows us to visualize the infrared radiation of a body, is already a common part of our lives. It is used in many fields such as engineering, medicine or construction. This is not different in fire protection, where the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic uses thermal imaging, especially when fire units intervene. Using this technology, firefighters search for people in a smoky environment or missing people in the field. It is also used to find hidden bearings in firefighting – and can therefore be used to determine the cause of a fire.                                                                                                               
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Volkswagen Transporter 6.0 station wagon L1Z for fire investigators
At the beginning of 2020, fire Investigators of the Chrudim Fire Rescue Service, Pardubice Region, received the Volkswagen Transporter 6.0 L1Z station wagon, specially equipped to improve and simplify their operation activities.            
P. 10

CFD simulation as a tool for closer study of possible natural gas explosion in masking the traces of murder
Possibilities of using CFD simulations in the investigation of criminal acts associated with leaks and explosions of hazardous gases is described. Such a possibility is demonstrated in the case of the murder of April 2014, which was to be disguised by a natural gas explosion.                                                                                                     
P. 12

Deadly white fentanyl powder
Until 15 years ago, this substance had been almost unknown to the public, while today fentanyl, generally known as the killer of addicts, is subject of many scholarly articles. Due to the long-term regulation of fentanyl itself, new derivatives, so-called "The Fentalogs", are increasingly emerging.                                                             
P. 16

FRS CR took over 130,000 special nanofilters developed by Liberec Technical University
Representatives of the GasNet Ltd., the largest distributor of natural gas in the Czech Republic, handed over a gift of 130,000 nanofilters intended for textile face masks to the management of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. It is a special protective tool that provides firefighters with a high degree protection during interventions in hazardous environment.                                                             
P. 23

Automated data exchange
On 5th March 2020, a cooperation agreement between the MoI-General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (DG FRS CR), the ČEZ Distribuce, joint-stock company, and the E.ON Distribuce, joint-stock company, was signed. The aim of this new agreement is to create conditions for mutual cooperation through automated data exchange concerning condition and operation of distribution networks.                                                                                                                        
P. 25

The firefighting families
Being a firefighter, both professional and voluntary, is considered cool in the Czech Republic. We often come across cases where the whole families have been involved in firefighting for several generations. There are fire stations where father and son, husband and wife, worked together, or maybe all of them at the same time. The Hoza family represents such a clan in the Moravian-Silesian Region.                               P. 30  

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