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Summary Magazine 112 year 2020

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Results of Finnish Presidency and objectives of the current Croatian Presidency in the field of civil protection.
This article focuses on the results achieved by EU in the field of civil protection during the Finnish Presidency of the EU Council. This period was very diverse from the point of view of solved issues, although some of them touched the Czech Republic only marginally. Furthermore, the text addresses the priorities of the Croatian Presidency and the objectives set by the EU in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.
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Inauguration of the new fire station in Milovice
On Tuesday 11 February 2020, when double number one and number two met in number 112, the Central Bohemian firefighters officially opened their new fire station in Milovice, Nymburk district.   
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Fire of municipal waste in incinerator
On Thursday 19 September 2019 at 03.37 am, a fire in the mixed municipal waste storage bunker of the Termizo Company Liberec was reported on the the Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of the Liberec Region. Based on this information, three fire units were immediately sent to the scene of the event.
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Population Protection 2020 and Health Rescue
The 19th international conference Population Protection 2020 and Health Rescue took place in the premises of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava from 5 to 6 February 2020.  
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AML technology accelerates the assistance from emergency lines in the Czech Republic
During the 112 European Day of 11 February 2020, the Czech Republic announced its preparedness for the sharp launch of “refined location of an emergency call using AML (Advanced Mobile Location) technology”, which will be available to all IRS bodies not only within the Single European Emergency Number 112, but also to other national emergency numbers 150, 155, and 158.  
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Dog handlers of FRS CR came to the Giant Mountains
From 13 to 16 January 2020 the winter part of dog handlers´ of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic training took place at Vosecká Bouda in the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše). This part of training was organized by handlers of the Liberec Region FRS with the support of the Liberec Region FRS Directorate.
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Solution of decontamination in the South Moravian Region in connection with nuclear installation
In October last year, training of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) bodies took place at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno. The aim of this training was to verify the suitability of the selected site (parking lot at the Masaryk Circuit Brno) for the control of contamination of persons and equipment and subsequent decontamination in the event of a radiation accident at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant.
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Storage and Repair Facility of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in 2019
The SRF FRS CR, Storage and Repair Facility is a special purpose facility under the MI, General Directorate of the FRS CR. It provides specified repair, service and inspection activities and storage of certain material for the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (FRS CR), and performs state administration in the field of ionizing radiation metrology.  
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