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Fire of melting furnace
On 23rd August 2018, a fire in a grey and ductile iron foundry in Turnov, North Bohemia, was announced by the owner to the Regional Operation and Information Centre of the FRS of the Liberec Region. The third degree of fire alarm was proclaimed, and fire intervention required the deployment of 10 fire units, including volunteer firefighters from the entire Semily District.
p. 8

Colour treatment of fire vehicle
From February 2017 to January 2018, a research project called "Colour Modification of a Fire Vehicle" was implemented in the framework of security research. Its object was to determine the optimal arrangement of a uniform colour scheme for fire vehicles so that the optimal safety of its crew and other road users would be ensured when exercising the right of priority driving.
p. 10

3D Laser Scanning System
The Institute of Population Protection with newly acquired tools for documentation and digitization of the intervention sites moves the boundary of in-site documentation during detection of causes of fires. Experts tested possibilities of using a laser scanning system for these purposes during 2016. Since January 2017, the 3D Laser Scanning System has been used in real conditions, where outputs are part of fire-technical expertise.
p. 22

Protection of population against leakage of radioactive substances
The Disaster Medicine International Conference was held in the High Tatras, Slovakia, in the end of October 2018. The main topics were management of emergencies like a radiation accident, prevention of these events in various branches of industry and health, coordination of preparation and cooperation of the ministries, protection of health and provision of health care after nuclear or radiation events, and the activity of health care providers and the integrated rescue system (IRS) after nuclear or radiation events.
p. 24

Teachers training in the Liberec Region
Since 2006, the Fire Rescue Service of the Liberec Region has been organizing training for teachers of the Liberec Region Primary Schools on the issue of teaching human protection for common risks and emergencies. Teachers have the opportunity to learn important information from the field of fire protection and population protection, which they later pass on to students at school.
p. 28

Emergencies addressed at European Union level
In the beginning of the new year we have to look back at emergencies solved at the European Union level by the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), which took place at the end of last year.  One of them happened in the end of November 2018 - the sinking of a fishing boat in the Bay of Biscay connected with a large spill of diesel fuel into the Atlantic Ocean.
p. 29

Safe Society 2018 conference
On 28th – 29th November 2018, the Safe Society 2018 conference subtitled Emergencies - we help ourselves and we can do it together took place in Vodňany, South Bohemia. The conference was organized by the Fire Rescue Service of the South Bohemian Region, the South Bohemian Region, and the College of European and Regional Studies in cooperation with the Czech Fire Officers Association (Czech FEU).
p. 35


Waves of heat and lack of extinguishing water
The Balance Press Conference of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic for 2018 took place in the seat of DG FRS CR in Prague on 4 January 2019. The chief fire officers evaluated activities of FRS CR in the past year, and informed Czech media representatives about main tasks for 2019.
p. 2

Základna 2018 Tactical Exercise
The Department of Population Protection and Crisis Management of the Prague Fire Rescue Service in cooperation with the Prague City Hall organized the Základna (i.e. Base) tactical exercise from 13 to 16 September 2018. The exercise focused on the operation of the Material Base of Humanitarian Assistance took place in the premises of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague.
p. 24

Voluntary firefighters and automated defibrillators in their armament?
One of the usual motivation to join the community's voluntary fire brigade is responsibility and the desire to help fellow citizens and the community. But these activities are not only about firefighting or removing grabbed trees. Voluntary firefighters make a significant contribution to protecting health and saving lives in sudden life-threatening conditions, such as sudden arrest of circulation.
p. 11

HazMat Protect 2018
The HazMat Protect 2018 Conference, the third in the row, has become a traditional part of activities under the auspices of the National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection (NINCBP), and the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (MI, DG of FRS CR). The conference is focused primarily on applied research and knowledge implementation.
p. 32

Interaction of magnetic field with flames
This article presents up-to-date research findings and experimental results to verify the influence of magnetic fields on the behaviour of flames in combustion of various flammable substances.    
p. 13

112 Emergency Call Centre Operators. Who calls and what to decide on?
The basis for the 112 Emergency Call Centre operators work is effective communication in challenging situations. Their main prerequisites are resistance to stress, decisiveness, and patience, ability to listen and to communicate.
p. 17
Analysis of persons killed in direct connection with a fire
Number of people died in fires seems to be an elemental tracking figure indicating the fatal effects of this element. However, the concept itself and the overall philosophy of monitoring this phenomenon brings many pitfalls and a certain fragmentation, not only within the FRS CR, but also around the world.
p. 7

FRS CR increased its readiness to address and manage risks of climate change
In the years 2016 – 2019 the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic implements the project called "Increasing of Preparedness of the FRS CR for the Solution and Management of Risks Due to Climate Change", which is implemented with co-financing from the European Structural and Investment Funds, specifically from the Integrated Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020.
p. 19


Fire of storage halls
On 4th December 2018 at 12.16 pm, a fire in the area of storage halls was announced to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Prague FRS. The first units of the. Prague FRS left their fire stations at 12.17 pm, and the 2nd level of fire alarm was declared when driving to the destination.
p. 4
2018 – 2021 Fire Protection Concept
The main mission of fire prevention is to create effective and socially beneficial protection against fire and fire spread. The concept of fire prevention is an essential document governing the development of this area by 2021.
p. 6
National Quality Award for the Institute of Population Protection
The Institute of Population Protection as a part of the MoI-General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, received the National Quality Award of the Czech Republic 2018 in one of the most prestigious programs, namely EXCELENCE of public sector organizations, public benefit organizations and organizations whose main activities are not profitable.
p. 9
Hotel management trained in fire prevention
A nationwide workshop for hotel managers in fire prevention in hotels was held on 16th January 2019 at the Clarion Congress Hotel Congress Centre in Prague. The event, which was attended by 140 directors of hotels and accommodation facilities, was co-organized by the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, and the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic. The workshop was organized in response to the tragic fire of the Eurostar David Hotel in Prague, which occurred last January, resulting in the death of a total of five people.
p. 10

Dynamics of fire of complex space from the perspective of fire investigations
The dynamics of a complex fire, or a multi-room fire, is the current trend in the field of fire dynamics from the viewpoint of detecting causes of a fire in the United States. This research is based on the results of a long-term study of the dynamics of a simple room fire. However, it provides a more complete and realistic view of behaviour of a fire that is not necessarily confined within one room when it is diffused, but it develops into surrounding, structurally separate spaces.
p. 14

Accounting for traffic accidents
It has been several years since the system of reimbursement of the intervention costs for traffic accidents by fire units was introduced. In addition to the legal regulation, there was a gradual clarification of the circumstances and possibilities of all stakeholders, i.e. intervening fire units, insurance companies or the Czech Insurers' Bureau and the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.
p. 20
Protection of Population - Hazardous Materials 2019
In the days of 30th and 31st January 2019, the 18th International Conference on Population Protection - Hazardous Materials 2019 took place in the Moravian-Silesian metropolis of Ostrava. The main topics were Industry 4.0 and its impact on the protection of population, and modern technologies in the population protection.
p. 26

Results of Austrian Presidency and objectives of the current Romanian
Presidency in the field of civil protection

This article focuses on the results achieved by EU in the field of civil protection during the Austrian EU Council Presidency. During this period, EU-level negotiations were focused mainly on a legislative proposal by the European Commission that will fundamentally change the EU's current instrument to help countries unable to respond adequately to the disaster by their own means. In addition, the objectives of the current Romanian Presidency in the field of civil protection are summarised.
p. 30

Firefighters for Schools
The motivation to implement the Firefighters for Schools project is the absence of teaching material the issue of the protection of human beings for current risks and extraordinary events, which would be thematically elaborated in individual lessons. The teaching material is aimed at supporting the teaching of the particular subject at the second level of elementary schools. From the beginning it is created in close coordination with the teachers who teach the given subject. Therefore, both professional, pedagogical and didactic level should be ensured. The material reflects technical requirements for modern teaching.
p. 32


Fire of warehouse
On 10th November 2018, a fire of electro waste in the Waste Storage Facility in Lety-u-Dobřichovic was reported to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of the Central Bohemia Region. The second stage of the fire alarm was declared.
p. 4

Fire officers rated the 2018
On 22nd February 2019, the 23rd Assembly of the Czech Fire Officers Association (Czech FEU) was held at the School and Training Facility of the FRS CR in Brno. The expert groups presented there their activities over the past year.
p. 8

Inspections of restaurant facilities
HAD (Hazard, Alkohol, Děti, i.e. Hazard, Alcohol, Children) is an abbreviation for inspections of restaurant facilities, initiated by the Drug Policy Department of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. Control actions are aimed at risks of bringing alcohol or tobacco to children and allowing them to gamble.
p. 10

"When it comes to life, there is no time to re-park!"
Preventive traffic-related campaign "When it comes to life, there is no time to re-park!" or "3 meters for life" is intended to alert the drivers to keep the rules of the road traffic when parking their vehicles, and leave the access areas free for firefighters.
p. 12

Moravian-Silesian fire investigators in special courses
Determining the causes of fires is one of the most demanding firefighting professions. As fire damage increases, the pressure to determine the cause of the fire as accurate as possible and in the highest quality of the evidence increases either. For these reasons, the management of Moravian-Silesian firefighters has already prepared a third course of specialization education for its members to identify the causes of fires in the last year.
p. 16

New teaching texts for the First Aid Medical Course
Firefighters increasingly provide pre-medical assistance on site; and this implies knowledge of how to deal with situations that are related to this activity. They are carefully prepared for this professional specification. In terms of availability of textbooks of first aid teaching for firefighters, several materials are available at the stations. The newest one is the Urgent Medical Help.
p. 25

Modern technologies in population protection
Digitization, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Big Data, Smart Cities. Words resonating with today's society, to which the protection of the population should also respond. They are united by one goal: comprehensive networking with modern Internet (5G) and communication technologies to automate human activity and smart solutions.
p. 26

Meet Faculty of Safety Engineering: VŠB - TUO
The Faculty of Safety Engineering is the youngest faculty of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. It was established in 2002 in response to increasing demands from practice for preparation of university-educated professionals in the field of safety engineering and related scientific and research activities.
p. 30

Zbiroh TATRA Fire Festival 2019 this May and even better
The traditional event of the first Saturday in September, Zbiroh TATRA Fire Festival this year moves to Saturday 25th May 2019. The MoI, General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic decided to change the term due to extensive construction work, which will begin at the event venue during this June, and will last at least until next June.
p. 32


Fire of the trampoline centre
On 9th November 2018 at 8.10 pm the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of Prague received the information on a fire of the sports hall in the trampoline centre in Kolbenova Street. The operational officer decided to declare the second stage of fire alarm. Predestined fire units and the command officer of the shift were sent to the site. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
p. 4

Red Rooster 2019 - the conference with record attendance
The Red Roaster 2019 (i.e. Červený kohout) international conference of fire protection was held in České Budějovice, South Bohemia, in the days of 2nd and 3rd April 2019. This 22nd year was held under the auspices of Col. Daniel Miklós, Deputy General Director of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. A record 350 participants met in the Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice.
p. 6

Risk level of electro technical sources from the viewpoint of fire protection
The pursuit of mobility and the autonomy of electrical equipment is at its peak today, and in the coming years it is not even possible to think of a downward trend. In every home there are often dozens of different batteries, whose functionality and safety is taken for granted.
p. 8

New polygon for training fire units
The training polygon for firefighters was inaugurated on Tuesday 19th March 2019, attended by representatives of the Hradec Králové Region, the Fire Rescue Service of the Hradec Králové Region, the town of Rychnov nad Kněžnou and the contractor. The equipment is designed to simulate complex variations of interventions, especially those in hazardous industrial environment with very high temperatures, with using breathing apparatus and protective clothing.
p. 19
Humanitarian aid to Iran
Since mid-March, Iran has faced extensive floods. More than 12 million populations were endangered in flood-affected area, and two million people directly in need of humanitarian aid have found themselves in the affected areas. On 8th April 2019, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (EUCPM) was activated following a request from the Iranian authorities. The Czech Republic offered material humanitarian aid in the form of tents, sleeping bags, blankets, power generators and sludge pumps (namely: 16 power generators, 16 sludge pumps, 480 blankets, 96 sleeping bags with liner, and 16 tents). Other European Member States that also offered assistance to Iran were Austria, France, Italy and Slovakia.
p. 24

Emergency events dealt at European Union level
The Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) did not address any new activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in the first months of this year. In the early spring, there were already regular tropical storms that hit the South East Asian region every year, but the ERCC only monitored the situation in the area. However, the calm period of natural disasters changed in early March, when Idai tropical cyclone began to form in the Strait of Mozambique.
p. 26

Educational program
In 2017, the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic received accreditation from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as part of the system for the further education of pedagogical staff for a new training program called Preparation of Schools and School Facilities for Emergencies. Its participants should gain basic legal ground in the area of school preparation for emergencies and crisis situations, basic background, and practical information on how to manage such events.
p. 28

Firefighter of the Year 2018
On 11th April 2019, the 10th jubilee Firefighter of the Year was held in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle. The best interventions, projects, firefighters, employees and teams were waiting for their awards.
p. 30


New climbing polygon, unique in Europe
The ceremonial opening of a new climbing polygon for rescue activities from height and in depth was held on 12th April 2019 in Velké Poříčí, Eastern Bohemia, with the participation of Mr. Jan Hamáček, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, and Gen. Maj. Drahoslav Ryba, General Director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.
p. 2

Fire of CNG bus
On 21st January 2019 at 2.47 am a bus fire in the premises of the ČSAD MHD Kladno was reported to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Central Bohemia Fire Rescue Service. From the beginning the intervention was complicated by the fact that the bus was surrounded by a number of dozens of other public transport vehicles. There was high risk of rapid expansion of the fire to the buses around, which could multiply the damages.

Plastic piping in sprinkler systems
According to the EN 12   845 Standard from 2015, in sprinkler systems   can be used steel, copper or any other material in accordance with the applicable   location of the device. Steel pipelines are the most frequent, but since 2000, after overcoming e traditional conservative approach of sprinkler manufacturers to all innovations, plastic pipes has gradually begun to promote in Europe.

New legislation on the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism
On 21st March 2019, the European Parliament and EU Council Decision No. 420/2019 amending Decision No. 1313/2013 EU on the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, entered into force after more than a year of negotiations.  This legislation presents the basis of which the European Union supports, coordinates and complements the activities of the Member States in   the area of civil protection.
p. 10

New General at the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
On 8th May 2019, on the occasion of the National Day of Victory, Mr. Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, appointed Col. Radim Řehulka, Commander of the Rescue Unit FRS CR in Hlučín, to the rank of General.
p. 15

Soft Target Threat Assessment and Safety Plan
On Thursday 18th April 2019, an expert seminar on the Assessment of Soft Target Threats and the Security Plan was organized by the Doverville Ltd. Company in   the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic in Florentinum Building in Prague.

Threats to sources of fire water in the Czech Republic
Today, water resources are facing increasing pressures to meet the growing social, economic and environmental needs of the growing world population. General view of water resources shortage is slowly changing, and society no longer sees water for granted. Theme of careful management with water has been discussed in the Czech Republic number of last years.


Czech Republic provided humanitarian aid to Greece
July 2018 made tragic inroads into Greece's history. According to Greek firefighters, 96 people died during the fires that broke out in the seaside resort of Mati near Athens on 23rd July 2018. The number of casualties is one of the most tragic events in Greece in decades. The Czech Republic has therefore provided Greek firefighters in Mati with humanitarian aid and fire equipment.

International training for Psychosocial Emergency Assistance Coordinators
In the days of 10th to 12th May 2016, the MoI-General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in collaboration with the Czech Red Cross organised an international training for the "Coordination of Psychosocial Emergency Assistance", designed for fire psychologists and selected members of the Czech Red Cross. The event was held at the educational facility of the South Moravian FRS in Tišnov. 

Security Portal of the Karlovy Vary Region
Joint efforts of the Karlovy Vary FRS and the Karlovy Vary Region put into operation the Security Portal of the Karlovy Vary Region at in March this year. Thus, for the first time, both professional and lay public of the region have a tool for on-line information sharing from preventive educational activities, crisis and emergency planning as well as supporting the activities of IRS bodies in dealing with emergencies and crisis situations. 
p. 22

Firefighters both before and behind the lens
The 15th annual photography competition named "Firefighters Before and Behind the lens" is a traditional photography competition with a 15-year tradition, presenting to the public annually, through photographs, firefighter interventions, training, fire sport, fire station life, but also moments from social life of volunteer firefighters, such as balls, children's and youth competitions, handover of fire equipment or meeting of firefighting battalions.

Safe Czechia in safe Europe
On 16th May 2019 the "Safe Czechia in a Safe Europe" conference was organised by the Centre for Security Policy of the Social Sciences Faculty of Charles University. Its essential objective was to balance the last 30 years in security policy and address the security aspects of new technologies.

This year's TATRA Reunion was really rich - with the program and attendance
More than 2,500 visitors gathered for the 9th Zbiroh TATRA Reunion, which this year was complemented by the National Humanitarian Aid Base's Open Day. The NHA Base is based in the grounds of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in Zbiroh, Pilsen Region. Moreover, the already rich program was complemented by competitions and activities prepared by the Ministry for Regional Development.


Fire of storage and repair hall
On Sunday 7th April 2019, a fire of storage and repair hall was announced to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of the Olomouc Region. By the time the first fire unit arrived at the scene, the larger part of the building was already in flames. The damage caused by fire is estimated at 8.3 million CZK (i.e. 324,000 EUR), while value saved reached one million CZK (approx. 40,000 EUR).       
 p. 4

Mobile App of First Psychic Help
The First Psychic Assistance application is a tool that shows how you can help people in difficult life situations. It was created by the working group of the Section for Psychology of Crises, Disasters and Trauma at the Czech-Moravian Psychological Society in cooperation with the CZ.NIC mobile developers’ team. The final version of the text was corrected by the psychological division  of the Ministry of Interior - the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. The Android operating system application is free to download on Google Play.       
 p. 11

Special training focused on tunnel interventions in Switzerland
From 1st to 6th July 2019, a total of sixty members of the FRS of the Moravian-Silesian Region in two batches took part in the special training of the International Fire Academy in Switzerland. This training project was funded from the European Social Fund through the operational program Research, Development and Education, and the total value of training in tunnel interventions reached 176,450 EUR.      
 p. 12

AIRCRAFT EVAC 2019 Methodological and Emergency Exercise
On Wednesday 17th April 2019, a collaborative exercise of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) bodies took place at the Václav Havel Airport Prague. There were a total of 106 helpers / figurants on the exercise site, including the aircraft crew, and over 170 intervening persons. The whole event was carried out in accordance with the Methodical Plan of Emergency Exercises at Tactical, Operational and Strategic Levels.         
p. 14

Meeting of the General Directors of Civil Protection of the Visegrad countries
Between 17th and 19th June 2019, the 19th meeting of the General Directors of Civil Protection of the Visegrad Four countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) took place in the High Tatras in Slovakia. The theme of this Slovak Presidency of V4 was the use of voluntary brigades in the area of the population protection.  
p. 21

International courses of protection against the effects of chemicals
Training of foreign specialists in the field of protection against the effects of HazMat is a traditional pillar of the training activities of the Institute of Population Protection (IOO) in Lázně Bohdaneč. In recent years there were regularly organized professional training events, namely a training course in Paraguay, Latin America, an every-year international training organized under OPCW in May 2019 directly in the IOO, and a November training of specialists of the East African Community in Uganda.         
p. 28

European Football Championship of Professional Firefighters 2019
From 24th to 28th June 2019, the European Championship of Professional Firefighters in Football took place in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, with participation of the top four European football teams from the Czech Republic, France, the Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom. The Czech national team finished second, after hosting country.        
p. 32


Fire on the D1 motorway after a traffic accident
On 21st January this year, a fire of a truck on the D1 motorway, at the eighth kilometer in front of Prague was reported to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Fire Rescue Service of the Central Bohemian Region. The notifier didn’t know what the truck was carrying or whether someone was injured. Actually, the notifier was sitting in the Mirošovice Highway Management and Maintenance Centre and saw increasing smoke in the cameras operated by the dispatching.             
P. 4

HAD 2019 - Stage I
This year, the fifth series of HAD 2019 (or GAC = gambling, alcohol and children) joint inspections of the Police of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and other state administration bodies is underway. The controls are mainly focused on selling alcohol to children and playing gambling. At the same time, however, they monitor the state of compliance with the obligations stipulated by the fire protection regulations. This year, it was decided to expand the control area to include entities operating gambling and selling alcohol in restaurants, supermarkets or convenience stores.                                                                                                
P. 1

Development of foam concentrates at the FRS CR and in world
Foam concentrates can be divided into two basic groups - protein and synthetic ones. Developmentally older protein concentrates are still produced, at approximately 10% of total production. Their main advantages are better degradability in nature (as produced from animal products - horns, hooves, etc.) combined with significantly lower corrosive effects. The disadvantage lies in more complicated production and unsuitable use in mobile systems - sediment is formed when the concentrate moves. However, many consumers still use these products in stationary systems where there is not enough corrosion protection.                                                                                
P. 14

Objectives of the current Finnish Presidency in the field of civil protection
On 1st July 2019, Finland took over the Presidency of the EU Council from Romania, commencing the second six-month period of the current presidency trio, whose joint work program will complete Croatia next year.                                                             
P. 22

Utilization of X-rays for the purposes of fire technical expertise
Since January 2019, the Institute of Population Protection has an X-ray cabin system for the examination of samples taken from the fire. The aim of this article is to introduce a new method of non-destructive examination used during laboratory research for the purpose of processing fire technical expertise.                      
P. 28

Risk analysis of municipalities in the Hradec Králové Region
Act No. 239/2000 Coll. on the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) and on Amendments to Certain Acts imposes municipal offices of the municipalities with extended powers, or regional fire services, with the task of acquainting other municipalities, legal and natural persons in their administrative district with the nature of potential threat to the population. The obligation to inform about the nature of potential threat is done the municipal authority of the municipality by law, but the question is: “What tools can be created to effectively deliver them?”                                                                             
P. 30                         

Radiation exercises of the German Criminal Police
Between 20th and 22nd May 2019, the 11th Joint Exercise of the Central Federal Support Group (Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe des Bundes - ZUB) for the response to major nuclear threats took place in Berlin at the headquarters of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz – BfS). This took place under conditions of real contamination and was also attended by representatives of the MI-General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Bohdaneč Institute of Population Protection.      
P. 31                                                                                           



Construction of fire station in Prague - Holešovice launched
On Tuesday 27 August 2019 at noon, a ceremonial tap on the cornerstone of the new fire station took place at the existing fire station in Argentinská Street, Holešovice district. The original wooden building has been in service on this site since 1942 as a temporary one. The first phase of the construction, namely the garage and facilities for firefighters, should be completed within two years. The total investment of the construction is around 353 million CZK (c. 14 million EUR).
P. 2

Fire of production hall in Blansko
On Wednesday 29 August 2019 at 3.32 pm, the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the South Moravian Region received the information on a fire of a production hall. The CCTV records confirmed that no one was in the production hall before the fire occurred, and therefore the deliberate ignition was ruled out. So what caused the fire? Technical fault of one of the battery cells.
P. 4

Fire Protection 2019 International Conference
The 28th International Conference Fire Protection 2019 took place in the Assembly Hall of the University of Mining-Technical University of Ostrava from 4 to 5 September 2019. Although the main topic was Personal Safety - Present and Future, the most discussed topic was the current recodification of public building law in relation to fire protection.

International Rescue and Diving Championships in Latvia
Firefighters-divers from the Prague Fire Rescue Service participated in the International Rescue and Diving Championships, which took place from 7 to 9 August 2019 in the Latvian city of Liepaja. A total of eight teams involving firefighters-divers from Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Czech Republic participated in the competition.

ZONE 2019 Exercise
From 10 to 12 June 2019 the ZONA 2019 exercise of emergency management bodies of the South Bohemian Region was held. The theme was aimed at training the activities of selected central and territorial administrations, South Bohemian Region emergency management authorities, extended-scope municipalities and municipalities, IRS (Integrated Rescue System) bodies and other entities in dealing with the emergency arising from the simulated radiation accident at the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant.

Championships of the Czech Republic in Fire Sport
The 48th Championship in Fire Sport of the FRS CR Teams, and the 66th Championship in Fire Sport of the Association of the Czech, Moravian and Silesian Firefighters (SH ČMS) took place at the City Stadium in Ústí nad Labem, Northern Bohemia, from 30 August to 1 September this year. During the three-day contest, the athletes broke three national records.


Fire Safety Day 2019
Friday13th is generally considered a day of unfortune. Therefore, firefighters from the whole Czech Republic try to rebut this superstition through various preventive actions. The Czech Association of Fire Officers (Czech FEU) in cooperation with   the regional Fire & Rescue Services traditionally proclaim this day as the Fire Safety Day. This year the Fire Safety Day was proclaimed on Friday 13 September 2019 and focused on the topic of “Throughput of Roads”.
P. 2

Tragic traffic accident with a fire near Ořech
On 2nd May this year a tragic traffic accident happened on the Prague Ring Road (D0) near the Ořech village.  The tractor with the low loader was transporting two historical tanks, when a bus of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic collided into, and a fire broke out immediately. The accident had one human casualty.

IROP 2019 Annual Conference from the FRS CR perspective
The IROP 2019 conference was aimed to present and analyse the achievements of European Union Structural Funds' support to the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) bodies in the 2007-2013 programme periods and to present a proposal for the support of the IRS in the forthcoming programme period of 2021-2027. The conference also included both, dynamic and static demonstrations of the equipment and constructions of the IRS.
P. 12

Kamenice River tested the readiness of rescuers
On Thursday 15th August 2019, firefighters of the Ústí n. L. Regional FRS underwent special training – a search event in complicated terrain of wild stream of the Kamenice River. The training was aimed at examining the procedures for searching and rescuing people in running water in inaccessible terrain.
P. 18

Kit for field determination of water pollution indicators
The deploying units of chemical laboratories of the FRS CR deal with the leakage of dangerous substances into the environment, not only into the atmosphere, but quite often into water reservoirs and streams. For this purpose they are equipped with mobile devices for determination of physical parameters in waters (pH-meters, conductivity meters) and portable kits, which allow to determinate indicators of water pollution directly in the field. The deploying units are equipped with a mobile kit with the DR 2800 spectrophotometer.

Earthquake and floods in Albania
Although Albania is a country of untouched nature and beautiful mountains, the whole Balkan region is very active area of seismically. Each year there is in average of five earthquakes with a magnitude of about 4 degrees of the Richter scale. A strong and devastating earthquake exceeding 5 degrees of the Richter scale occurs roughly every twenty-five to thirty years in this Mediterranean state. One of them hit Albania in September 2019. The shocks reached such great intensity that were felt even in the surrounding states.
P. 30

Martina Sáblíková - athlete of the Ministry of Interior in 2019
The day of 15th October 2019 belonged to the best sportspeople of the Ministry of Interior. The gala evening took place in the Congress Hall of the Czech National Bank and the atmosphere of the Inflagranti electric string trio became even more pleasant.  And, the speed skater Martina Sáblíková   became the athlete of the Ministry of Interior for the fourth time. Also firefighters and policemen were among the awarded.
P. 32


Fire in the boiler room
On Saturday 9th February 2019, the Operational and Information Centre of the Ústí nad Labem FRS received information on the explosion and subsequent fire of the boiler room at the AGC Automotive Czech, joint-stock Co. in Bílina-Chudeřice. The preliminary fire damage was estimated at 25.5 million CZK (1 million EUR). Total of 71 persons were evacuated, but there was no injury or death in direct connection with the fire.                                                                                                                       
P. 2

Fire protection topic attracted hotel management
This year, the newly initiated cooperation of the Ministry of the Interior, General Directorate of the Czech Fire Rescue Service and the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants met with a great response from hotel and accommodation managers across the Czech Republic.                                                                       
P. 9

Future firefighters from Chomutov on internship in Saxony
From 6th to 19th October 2019, 12 pupils of the third and fourth classes of the Fire Engineer from the Secondary Technical School of Energy and Civil Engineering, Business Academy and Secondary Medical School in Chomutov, Northern Bohemia,  completed their internship in the Landesfeuerwehr und Katastrophenschutzschule Sachsen, Nardt Elsterheide - Hoyerswerda (Fire and Civil Protection School of the Land of Saxony).                                                                                                             
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First Aid Competition has winners
On Monday 9th September 2019 at 9.00 the fourth year of the national competition of professional firefighters in providing of first aid was launched. This year hosted by the Fire Rescue Service of the Central Bohemian Region, the organization team headed by the competition commander and the main referee prepared a total of fourteen plausible model situations for the national teams from all regions in the town of Mělník and its surroundings.                                                                                     
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Tactical exercise verified the registration point
In the days of 4th and 5 thNovember 2019, the "Sector Beskydy" tactical cooperation exercise took place at the Mosty u Jablunkova Czech / Slovak border crossing. What was the goal? To verify the functionality and feasibility of the “Operational Plan for Joint Action and Cooperation in the Establishment and Operation of Registration Points in the event of the unauthorized entry of a larger number of foreigners into the Czech Republic”.                                                                                                      
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Emergencies addressed at European Union level
In recent weeks, the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of EU has focused mainly on natural disasters such as large-scale fires in South America, earthquakes and floods in Albania, or Dorian the tropical cyclone that plagued the coast of Florida. However, other cases of natural disasters followed, in which the affected countries were forced to apply for international EU assistance through the ERCC, based on the situation.                                                                                            
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Tests of a new protective equipment for children from 6 to 18 years
The designated protection division of the Institute of Population Protection in Lázně Bohdaneč, in cooperation with the Clean Air Co. Jablonec nad Nisou cooperate in the research project called “Targeted Applied Research of New Modern Technologies, Methods and Procedures to Increase the Level of Competence of the  FRS CR”. One of its tasks is the construction of a protective equipment - helmets for children from 6 to 18 years. The solution reaches its final phase in which the proposed functional samples are tested.                                                                P.30

Czech FRS Champion on the climbing wall of the Velké Poříčí polygon
Rescue from height and depth is one of the very specific activities carried out by members of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, which requires demanding and systematic preparation, even on a climbing wall.                           
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