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Summary Magazine 112 year 2019

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New climbing polygon, unique in Europe
The ceremonial opening of a new climbing polygon for rescue activities from height and in depth was held on 12th April 2019 in Velké Poříčí, Eastern Bohemia, with the participation of Mr. Jan Hamáček, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, and Gen. Maj. Drahoslav Ryba, General Director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.
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Fire of CNG bus
On 21st January 2019 at 2.47 am a bus fire in the premises of the ČSAD MHD Kladno was reported to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Central Bohemia Fire Rescue Service. From the beginning the intervention was complicated by the fact that the bus was surrounded by a number of dozens of other public transport vehicles. There was high risk of rapid expansion of the fire to the buses around, which could multiply the damages.

Plastic piping in sprinkler systems
According to the EN 12   845 Standard from 2015, in sprinkler systems   can be used steel, copper or any other material in accordance with the applicable   location of the device. Steel pipelines are the most frequent, but since 2000, after overcoming e traditional conservative approach of sprinkler manufacturers to all innovations, plastic pipes has gradually begun to promote in Europe.

New legislation on the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism
On 21st March 2019, the European Parliament and EU Council Decision No. 420/2019 amending Decision No. 1313/2013 EU on the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, entered into force after more than a year of negotiations.  This legislation presents the basis of which the European Union supports, coordinates and complements the activities of the Member States in   the area of civil protection.
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New General at the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
On 8th May 2019, on the occasion of the National Day of Victory, Mr. Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, appointed Col. Radim Řehulka, Commander of the Rescue Unit FRS CR in Hlučín, to the rank of General.
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Soft Target Threat Assessment and Safety Plan
On Thursday 18th April 2019, an expert seminar on the Assessment of Soft Target Threats and the Security Plan was organized by the Doverville Ltd. Company in   the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic in Florentinum Building in Prague.

Threats to sources of fire water in the Czech Republic
Today, water resources are facing increasing pressures to meet the growing social, economic and environmental needs of the growing world population. General view of water resources shortage is slowly changing, and society no longer sees water for granted. Theme of careful management with water has been discussed in the Czech Republic number of last years.

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