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Summary Magazine 112 year 2019

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Fire Safety Day 2019
Friday13th is generally considered a day of unfortune. Therefore, firefighters from the whole Czech Republic try to rebut this superstition through various preventive actions. The Czech Association of Fire Officers (Czech FEU) in cooperation with   the regional Fire & Rescue Services traditionally proclaim this day as the Fire Safety Day. This year the Fire Safety Day was proclaimed on Friday 13 September 2019 and focused on the topic of “Throughput of Roads”.
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Tragic traffic accident with a fire near Ořech
On 2nd May this year a tragic traffic accident happened on the Prague Ring Road (D0) near the Ořech village.  The tractor with the low loader was transporting two historical tanks, when a bus of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic collided into, and a fire broke out immediately. The accident had one human casualty.

IROP 2019 Annual Conference from the FRS CR perspective
The IROP 2019 conference was aimed to present and analyse the achievements of European Union Structural Funds' support to the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) bodies in the 2007-2013 programme periods and to present a proposal for the support of the IRS in the forthcoming programme period of 2021-2027. The conference also included both, dynamic and static demonstrations of the equipment and constructions of the IRS.
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Kamenice River tested the readiness of rescuers
On Thursday 15th August 2019, firefighters of the Ústí n. L. Regional FRS underwent special training – a search event in complicated terrain of wild stream of the Kamenice River. The training was aimed at examining the procedures for searching and rescuing people in running water in inaccessible terrain.
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Kit for field determination of water pollution indicators
The deploying units of chemical laboratories of the FRS CR deal with the leakage of dangerous substances into the environment, not only into the atmosphere, but quite often into water reservoirs and streams. For this purpose they are equipped with mobile devices for determination of physical parameters in waters (pH-meters, conductivity meters) and portable kits, which allow to determinate indicators of water pollution directly in the field. The deploying units are equipped with a mobile kit with the DR 2800 spectrophotometer.

Earthquake and floods in Albania
Although Albania is a country of untouched nature and beautiful mountains, the whole Balkan region is very active area of seismically. Each year there is in average of five earthquakes with a magnitude of about 4 degrees of the Richter scale. A strong and devastating earthquake exceeding 5 degrees of the Richter scale occurs roughly every twenty-five to thirty years in this Mediterranean state. One of them hit Albania in September 2019. The shocks reached such great intensity that were felt even in the surrounding states.
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Martina Sáblíková - athlete of the Ministry of Interior in 2019
The day of 15th October 2019 belonged to the best sportspeople of the Ministry of Interior. The gala evening took place in the Congress Hall of the Czech National Bank and the atmosphere of the Inflagranti electric string trio became even more pleasant.  And, the speed skater Martina Sáblíková   became the athlete of the Ministry of Interior for the fourth time. Also firefighters and policemen were among the awarded.
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