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FRS CR better prepared for climate change
In 2016 – 2018 the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic realizes the "Increasing preparedness of the FRS CR to solve and manage the risks caused by climate change" project. The project is implemented with co-financing from the European Structural and Investment Funds, specifically from the Integrated Regional Operational Program 2014 – 2020. p.12
Drone helps to mining rescuers
The Main Mining Rescue Service in Most, Northern Bohemia, oversees safety and rescue of workers' lives in the completely new way of coal extracting. Mine rescuers are the only ones in the Czech Republic, who use a rescue salvage pipeline during this new method of mining. Due to the specific method of corridor excavation, however, they now had to solve a new method of pipe fastening. The safety of the new mining method is also assured by the newly acquired drone, which maps the whole large area within several tens of minutes. p. 15

CZECH MODEX 2017 in Moravian-Silesian Region
The CZECH MODEX 2017 international exercise took place in Ostrava region in October 2017, focused on floods. The story starts: from 24th to 26th October 2017, the predominant part of the imaginary state of Modulistan (which corresponds to the Czech Republic) was hit by a series of storms and intense precipitation which caused surface floods and landslides. p.17

Chemical Protection Courses for Rescuers of the East African Community
In the beginning of November 2017 the second training of chemical specialists from the East African Community (EAC) took place in the Ugandan Regional Deployment Capability Centre (URDCC) in Jinja, Uganda. Practical training for participants from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda was organized for the second time by expert instructors from the Institute of Population Protection of FRS CR. The event was held under the auspices of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. p.26

Emergency healthcare
The 14th Disaster Medicine national conference took place from 23th to 24th November 2017 in the University of Hradec Králové, subtitled Experience, Preparation, and Practice. p.28

Volunteer firefighters received awards for both intervention and preventive activities
On 25th November 2017, within the 7th Volunteer Firefighters of the Year survey, 25 fire units, 25 volunteer fire brigades as well as five teams of young firefighters were awarded for their activities of the 45th anniversary of the Plamen game in the courtyard of the Brno University of Technology. The finalists were given the glass helmet, which is the symbol of the survey and the prestigious award made by Czech glassworks, as well as financial and material gifts. p. 32

Christmas meeting of the Foundation families
The Police Officers and Firefighters Foundation - Mutual Assistance in Distress organized the traditional pre-Christmas meeting of families of police officers and firefighters who died in the performance of their duties. In the days of 23th – 24th November 2017 they met in the premises of the Higher Police School and the Central Police School of the Ministry of the Interior in Prague - Hrdlořezy, not only for the memorial event, but as well for visiting Christmas market and the evening concert. The whole session was concluded by a Foundation book official launch, and baptizing of a cougar cub (Puma concolor). p.35


Last year firefighters fought with fires and the hurricane
The traditional balancing press conference of the FRS CR for 2017 was held on 5 January this year in the seat of the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic with participation of the main representatives, who informed leading Czech media about the activities of the fire units in the past year. The presented statistical data were only preliminary, the final results will be published in the Statistical Yearbook 2017. p. 2

Night fire of a wooden church
On August 2, 2017, just nine minutes after midnight, the Regional Operational Centre of the Moravian-Silesian FRS announced fire of a wooden church from the 16th century in Třinec in the part of Guty .the Frýdek-Místek district. Historically valuable monument rapidly burst, and despite the large deployment of fire units, the church was unable to save. p. 4

International co-operation in the field of fire investigation
The paper deals with the issue of international cooperation in the field of detection of causes of fires. Analysis of different national systems for detecting the causes of fires was made. The article describes the Czech footprint of the newly installed CTIF Fire Investigation Working Group in 2016, and its vision for the future. p. 10

Fire investigators´ work is changing and becoming more challenging
Lt-Col Jakub Škoda from the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and Capt. Stanislav Kopecký of the Pilsen FRS explain in the interview the work of fire investigators. They deal with the causes of fires, prevent them and create different standards, guidelines, measures and regulations, they also co-operate with the police, and process expert opinions.p. 15

Post-traumatic care teams in the Reach your twenty project
From September 2015 to June 2016, the pilot traffic - safety project named "Dožij se dvaceti (Reach your twenty)” of the Kolečko Fund and partners, was run at selected secondary schools and grammar schools in the Central Bohemian Region and the Ústí nad Labem Region for the target group of youth aged 16-18. Firefighters´ teams of post-traumatic care were among co-operating partners. This article describes and evaluates the effectiveness and impact of the project on its participants. p. 18

Cooperation of the Psychological Service of FRS CR with foreign partners
The Psychological Service of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic has long been cooperating with a wide range of partner organizations. In last seven years the Psychological Department of the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic has been deepening cooperation also at international level, not only within various international projects dealing with emergency management, but also in the form of expert meetings with   other partner entities from abroad.  p. 22

Hugo the Elephant joined firefighters in the Ústí nad Labem Region
"Hugo was probably the smallest elephant in the world. That's why he was traveling with a circus." This way starts the fairy tale about a little big elephant, written by Capt. Lukáš Marvan, the spokesperson of the Ústí nad Labem FRS. This story, along with the graphic rendition, became the basis of the Hugo the Firefighter Elephant project. We contacted Ms. Lenka Procházková, well-known local artist, who created Hugo the Elephant figure and graphic background for further educational materials. The chosen elephant is cheerful and positive, colored in light blue, dressed in a firefighting suit, has a helmet, and at the end of its trunk has a fire nozzle. p. 24

Balance of 2017 and new impetus for future action
Once again before the Christmas holidays, experts from the area of security, rescue and protection of the population gathered at the Institute for Population Protection in Lázně Bohdaneč. The workshop dealt with events of 2017, how the emergencies were coped with and what mistakes should be avoided in the next. p. 32

Bird flu


Ternary triangle diagrams of explosions of flammable substances
Every year flammable substances and materials cause fires and explosions due to improper handling. The ternary triangular explosion diagrams can greatly help to understand dangers and to take the necessary preventive measures. p. 4
Fire of the waste sorting facility
On 20th October a fire of the waste sorting plant of the Rumpold Company, Ltd. in the Kladno district was announced to the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Central Bohemia FRS. The intervention required considerable efforts of all intervening firefighters from 21 fire units, both professional and voluntary. The complexity of the intervention and high development of radiant heat were the reasons for declaring the third degree of fire alarm. p. 7

New training area
The course named Chainsaw operator took place in the Brno School and Training Facility of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic at the beginning of this year. It was also a premiere for the newly created training area for practical part of this course, which allows safe, and especially clear training with different winches, both in the removal of suspended trees and in the felling of differently inclined trees. p. 11
First aid for traffic accidents
First of all, we should always think about safety and prevention. While traveling by car, it should even be doubled. Remember the advices given in the article whenever you get to the vehicle, whether alone or with your family. p. 12

Cooperation of the Psychological Service of FRS CR with NGOs
The main objective of the cooperation of Psychological Service of FRS CR with non-governmental non-profit organizations is to provide psychosocial and humanitarian assistance to population affected by consequences of an emergency or in crisis situations. Another subject of cooperation is monitoring of the needs of the population in affected area, operation of evacuation centres, providing of emergency accommodation, organization of collections for citizens etc. p. 16

The emergency survival container in the Zlín Region for firefighters and crisis staffs of municipalities
Two-day exercise of fire units involving the crisis staff of municipalities with extended competences was held in the days of 29th to 30th June 2017. The exercise proved synergy of individual bodies in solving an emergency, e.g. of an extensive natural disaster and subsequent complicated measures. p. 17

17th Population Protection Conference - new trends in the system of warning
The 17th International Conference on Population Protection - Health Rescue Service 2018 was held in the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava in the days of 31st January and 1st February 2018. The main themes were new trends in alert and warning systems for emergencies and crisis situations, the issue of modernization of the population warning system from the view of energy companies, the project of renewal and modernization of the Unified Warnings of Population System in surroundings of nuclear facilities, and health rescue. p. 26
Safety for festivals and other events with large number of people
The Safe Event Conference was held on 15th November 2017 in the seat of the Ministry of Interior in Prague - Letná. The main theme was the Concept of protection of soft targets and education in the area of safety in organizing cultural, sporting, and social events with a large number of participants. p. 28
Series of competitions in 2018
Traditionally since 2013, for 2018 two sport events are planned - the Czech Cup in   Fire Biathlon and the Czech Cup in TFA Disciplines, both usually of high interest from participants side. Then, on 17th May 2018 the first round of the Czech Grand Prix in Fire Attack will start, as a traditional part of a series of sport competitions. p. 32


New climbing polygon in Velké Poříčí
On 12 March 2018, by tapping the foundation stone, the construction of a new climbing polygon for rescue training from height and depth began.  The whole reconstruction and modernization of the Fire School in Velké Poříčí will cost almost 54 million Czech crowns (2.11 million EUR).  p. 2
Fire of the 4 Kameny Motorway
On 18 November 2017 at  10.46 am the operation centre received an emergency report on a fire of the roof of the 4 Kameny Motorway at the D10 highway, Central Bohemia. The fire intervention required the deployment of a large number of fire units. The total damage is estimated in tens of millions of Czech crowns. p. 4
Meeting of CTIF partners in the field of fire investigation
In the days of 1 and 2 March 2018 the Czech fire investigators of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic hosted their counter partners from Hungarian National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior (NDGDM). The discussion was focused mainly on the issue of detecting the causes of fires both, within the partner countries, and 1n a wider global scale.  The reason for discussing   that "transnational" issues in fire investigation area, was that both states are involved in the CTIF International Firefighting Working Group, newly established in 2016. p. 7

Caution on frozen water surfaces
Motion on frozen water surfaces is not always safe.  There is a high risk of breaking into ice, which should not be underestimated even in strong frosts.  People who enter on the ice should be extremely careful and respect the basic safety rules. p. 16

Informing persons involved in major emergencies
In case of emergencies and crisis situations with a large number of injuries and casualties, a large demand of information received from citizens can be expected. p. 20

Information systems used to deal with consequences of emergencies
Emergency response  in major accidents is usually associated with decision-making in uncertainty, insecurity, and lack of time at the same time. The cause of uncertainty and insecurity in such situations is the different quality of data and information that are obtained and handed over to the crisis staff. p. 22
Caretaker Academy - possible way to safer housing
In 2008, when the Municipal Police in Brno joined the project Safe Locality - Safe Housing announced by the Ministry of the Interior, they came across the idea of setting up a function of a janitor / caretaker. The project conditions exactly met the apartment building in Brno-Nový Lískovec in Koniklecová Street.  It was a house in which the city had the right to disposition  to a certain number of apartments. p. 28
Foundation's activity can not be marked by a price tag
During last year we presented here strong and moving stories of responsibility, bravery and solidarity, which illustrate activities and mission of the Police Officers and Firefighters Foundation - Mutual Assistance in Distress. Now they are also published in the 15th anniversary of the Foundation's activities publication, and directly tied to    you - police officers, firefighters and department employees who create the necessary background for the Foundation.  This allows the Foundation to expand its reach and to enter into the next stage of this unique and necessary activity.  Is it possible to appreciate it?  We interviewed Mr. Vladimír Šuter, director of the Foundation. p. 30

Non-investment subsidies provided to NGOs in 2018
For 2018 the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic proclaimed total of eight grant programmes for non-governmental non-profit organizations in the area of fire protection, Integrated Rescue System, population protection and crisis management. All these subsidies from the state budget of the Czech Republic provided to non-governmental non-profit organizations in 2018 are targeted to non-investment activities. p. 3


How to live (not) safely
The seminar named How to live (not) safely was organized by the Prague Fire & Rescue Service and the Capital City of Prague together, and took place in the Prague Town Hall in Mariánské Sq. on 13rd February 2018. The topic of the seminar was fire safety in apartment buildings.
p. 10

Red Roaster 2018 Conference
The Red Roaster 2018 (i.e. Červený kohout) international conference of fire protection was held in České Budějovice in the days of 20th and 21st March 2018. This year conference was focused mainly on fire prevention, fire safety of buildings, detection of causes of fires, and intervention activities.
p. 12

 Fire cookbook
This year the Prague Fire & Rescue Service commemorates its 165th anniversary as the first professional fire brigade in our countries. To celebrate, a book called Fire Cookbook, or Good Food and Good Advice from Firefighters was created. The book links the two indispensable facts in our lives: eating and protecting the household.
p. 14

New teaching aid
A new teaching aid for the Sawmill Operator and the Sawmill Operator's Instructor courses was constructed by the instructors of the Brno Fire School at the end of 2017.
p. 14

TRINS - from the past to the future
The TRINS (Transportation Information and Accident System) Annual Meeting took place on 14th March 2018 in the MoI, General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. As the last meeting in 2016 was more balancing because of 20th anniversary of this co-operation, this year's session was more about the future, with asking questions to look for answers.
p. 15

Entering into enclosed spaces
Training of firefighters in the area of entry into enclosed spaces is currently rather sporadic, and for this reason there was a need to process the topic so that in the foreseeable future the issue would be included in the training plan of the members of the FRS CR. In June 2017, a working meeting on this issue was held, with representatives of all regional FRSs and educational institutions.
p. 18

Austrian Bavarian Czech Forest Fire Drill 2017
The large-scale exercise on a major forest fire was held in the vicinity of Trojmezná Hora in Šumava Mountains. The scenario was about a forest fire that affected the territory of all three neighbouring countries, namely Germany (Bavaria), Austria and the Czech Republic.
p. 20

Joint preparedness for dealing with emergencies
The 2nd Interdisciplinary Congress Cooperation of IRS in Emergencies and Disasters was held in the congress hall of the Myslivna Hotel in Brno on 1st March 2018, this time with the Safe Region subtitle organized by the Coordination Centre of Disaster Medicine at the Brno Faculty Hospital.
p. 22

Golden Rescue Cross for saving human life
As traditionally in the Prague Castle, on 29th March this year Mr. Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, awarded the Golden Rescue Cross for outstanding acts of both, professional rescuers and amateurs, and individual / collectives who last year contributed to saving human lives.
p. 28

Firefighter of the Year 2017 and Fire Athlete 2017
On 19th April 2018 the Top Hotel Prague hosted the rendition of results of the ninth annual survey and the award ceremony on the Firefighter of the Year 2017 and Fire Athlete 2017 of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.
p. 30


New fire station in Znojmo
On 14th May 2018, a new fire station in Znojmo, South Moravia, was officially opened. The new premises replaced the former inconvenient fire station building, as the first construction of this type during the existence of the FRS of the South Moravian Region.         
p. 2

Fire of wood mass warehouse in Nová Cerekev 
On 7th January 2018, the Regional Operational and Information Centre of the Vysočina FRS received an announcement on a fire of a wood mass storage facility. It was the longest fire in history of the Vysočina FRS that lasted for 11 days, and required a large number of intervening firefighters and equipment. The costs of disposal were many times higher than the total direct damage caused by the fire.
p. 4

Fire Safety Day 2018
Friday 13th is generally considered a day of unfortune. Therefore, firefighters from the whole Czech Republic try to refute this superstition through various preventive actions. The Czech Association of Fire Officers (Czech FEU) in cooperation with   the regional Fire & Rescue Services traditionally proclaim this the Fire Safety Day. This year there are two Fridays 13th in the calendar, so the Fire Safety Day was proclaimed on 13 April 2018.
p. 16

Handling with personal data from the point of view of FRS CR
The Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic responds to new measures in connection with GDPR (General Data Protection)  which entered into effect on 25th May 2018.  The FRS CR must take the appropriate measures under the Regulation on the protection of personal data.
p. 17

Professional firefighters are preparing to cope with any situation from the beginning of their work in the corps. Therefore, every member of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic undergoes basic training, followed by further trainings, such as courses for rescue from highs and lows, from which special groups of climbers come from.
p. 18

Water Rescue Service of the Czech Red Cross
The Water Rescue Service of the Czech Red Cross was established in 1968 and this year celebrates 50th anniversary. This is the largest and the oldest nationwide organization dedicated to rescue from water, and also to education and training, rescue sports and other water-related activities. At present it operates in 10 of 14 regions of the Czech Republic, and is a part of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS).
p. 20

Popálky is the name of a community service that has been helping to scorched people and their loved ones for over four years to cope with an accident and to return to their lives as soon as possible. It also deals with prevention and dissemination of awareness of burn injuries. In April this year they were awarded by the Golden Rescue Cross for their activities in 2017 of the hands of the President of the Czech Republic at the Prague Castle.
p. 32


Fire of the storage hall in the Mochov freezers building
On Friday 23rd February 2018 at 9.51 am, the Regional FRS Operations and Information Centre received an emergency report on the fire at the storage hall in the former freezers building in the municipality of Mochov, Central Bohemia. According to the initial announcement, it was a rapidly developing fire. The fire liquidation eventually required the deployment of a large number of fire units, with total damage of several tens of millions of CZK (i.e. over one million EUR).

New rules of fire sport
On 7th April 2016, a meeting of the Fire Sports Commission was held, which agreed on the need to issue completely new "Fire Sports Rules". The new rules re needed due to the large number of edited additions, the confusion caused by many years of text editing, and the moral obsolescence of the overall rules.

Rescue Days PL 2018
In May 2018, the General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic sent a Czech team trained to rescue people from crashed vehicles to the Rescue Days PL 2018 exercise, held in Skaryszew, Poland. The exercise was aimed at exchanging information with foreign colleagues and instructors, deepening knowledge in rescuing people, and the opportunity to try out new technical resources.

Coordinated deployment of helicopters during floods
On Thursday 3rd May 2018, a tactical exercise of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) bodies was held in the Liberec Region, focused on the coordinated deployment of aviation equipment to address a major emergency. Since the floods that hit the Liberec Region in 2010, this was the largest exercise of this type. In past, some failures in connection between the command of the intervention and the aircraft greatly hampered the demanding and extensive operations during rescue work.
Only thanks to the extreme effort of the rescuers were all interventions successful. Therefore, the logical measure was to prepare and implement extensive tactical exercises that simulate real situation of flash floods

Czech-German Exercise near Rozvadov
The international tactical exercise took place on 21st May 2018 on the motorway rest of the border crossing Rozvadov - Waidhaus, in the territory of the Czech Republic. The topic of the exercise: a mass disaster with two hundred and fifty people involved.

Current incidents addressed at European Union level
The Emergency Response Coordination Centre addressed several cases in the last month when the Union Civil Protection Mechanism was activated. However, the most serious ones remain, namely the large occurrence of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the collapse of the dam in Colombia, with the threat of a large number of people.

Firefighters from chemical laboratories trained at a nuclear reactor
At the premises of the Training Centre and the Chemical Laboratory in Kamenice, Central Bohemia, the 4th Spectrometric Seminar was organized by the Institute for the Population Protection in March this year. This seminar was designed for radiation specialists from chemical laboratories of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (FRS CR). This regular meeting serves primarily to deepen knowledge, skills and experience in the field of measurement and subsequent analysis of energy gamma spectra.

Prague 2018 Firefighters´ Fountain Prague 2018 - World Water Show on Vltava River
On Saturday 2nd June 2018 from 22.00 to 22.30 on the Vltava River in heart of Prague, the biggest firewater fountain in the world sprang. Over one thousand of the Czech firefighters, both professional and volunteer, joined this unique project. The aim of the event was not only to celebration 100 years of the Czech statehood, but also the original presentation of the work of firefighters in the Czech Republic.


Forest fire at Kájov village near Český Krumlov
On 21 April 2018, announcement on the emergency number 150 was, that a smoke from the forest was visible from the Kájov - Černá bus stop in Šumava area, South Bohemia. The forest was caught by a large fire, subsequently liquidated by firefighters´ intervention after less than fifteen hours in hard conditions.
 P. 4

Ensuring security for public events
When organizing major events for the public, it is necessary to ensure the protection of life, health and property. With regard to the current summer season, the article focuses on outdoor events such as music open air festivals or city street festivals.
P. 10

Special fire vehicle intervened in Lozorno
Every three months the mine rescuers are undergoing special fire drills. Traditionally, one of these field exercises is held near the Slovak village of Lozorno. On 14 June 2018 the rescuers from the Main Mining Rescue Station in Hodonín, the Mining Rescue Station of the Lobodice Company, and the Main Mining Rescue Station of Malacky met there.
 P. 15

Czech firefighters helped save boys in Thailand
At the turn of June and July, media devoted much attention to an extensive search and rescue mission in the Tham Luang Cave in northern Thailand, which was flooded with torrential rain. Inside, a total of twelve boys with their football coach were imprisoned there. Even the Czech Republic has actively participated in the assistance and as the only member state of the European Union has offered assistance in the form of sending a reconnaissance group of fire experts. The Czech Republic offered high-capacity pumps at the initial stage, and the Czech firefighters had to check in site possibilities of their deployment.
 P. 16

“Koridor" - when it is not possible to do it by common ways
The IRS bodies had trained in darkness, under difficult conditions and in difficult terrain. The aim of the Koridor exercise of the Karlovy Vary Region was to find out whether they were ready to intervene in a railway accident with mass disability. The accident was simulated on a railway corridor in rocks, where access was possible only by rope technique or by rail superstructure.
P. 17

Meeting of SAR specialists in Ostrava
On 29 May 2018, a meeting of specialists from the area of search and rescue of people from collapsed buildings took place in Ostrava, at the premises of the Ostrava - Zábřeh Integrated Deployment Centre. The meeting took place during the implementation of the EASAR project (Enhancing Assessment in Search and Rescue), which was attended by firefighters from Italy and Poland in addition to members of the FRS of the Moravian-Silesian Region.
P. 21

Security for future Europe
This year's conference of the Security Policy Centre entitled "Strategic Autonomy = Stronger Europe in a Turbulent World?" was held on 25 May 2018 in the Professional House at Malostranské naměstí in Prague. A number of foreign experts, mainly from Germany, France, Italy and the United States of America attended the conference.
P. 24


Container station in Doksy
On 2nd August 2018, a temporary "container" station officially launched in the premises of the State Material Reserves Administration in Doksy, Central Bohemia.
 P. 1

Tragic fire of the Eurostars David Hotel in Prague
On 20th January 2018 at 18:01, a fire of air-condition in the Eufostars David Hotel in Náplavní Street, Prague 2, was reported to the Regional Operation and Information Centre of the Prague Fire and Rescue Service. The total damages were estimated at 20 million Czech crowns, i.e. 784, 300 EUR. The cause of the fire is under investigation.               
P. 4

International meeting of fire investigators
Seminar with NFPA representative

From 5th to 7th June 2018, the Czech fire investigators of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic hosted the international meeting of the CTIF Fire Investigation Working Group. The event was followed by a seminar with the NFPA representative as a lecturer.
P. 10

Typical use of stationary fire extinguishers in practice
Stationary fire extinguishers can significantly affect the extent and development of a fire, and hence damages to property, environmental damages, damages caused by interruptions of activities, and threats to people.        
 P. 14

Amphibious transporters crew trained in Dolní Benešov
In the beginning of August 2018, an exercise for crews of the PTS-10 amphibious belt transporters, motor boats, and a mobile high-capacity pump was held at the Nezmar pond in Dolní Benešov, Silesia. During the event also evacuation of people from a burning vessel, and rescue of drowning persons were trained.
P. 22

Synchronization of contacts between the CMC CBR Portal and the FRS CBR database
The subject of this paper is collection of contacts from municipalities and administrative authorities at the regional level (creating databases of the Crises Management Centre of the Central Bohemia Region), serving for population protection and crisis management, and their usability for Operation and Information Centre of the Central Bohemia FRS.                                                        
P. 24

Looking back at results of Bulgarian presidency in the EU Council and activities of current Austrian presidency in civil protection
In January this year Bulgaria took its first presidency in the Council of the EU. Their main activities in the area of civil protection were discussing the proposal for a decision amending the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, a key EU act in this area, which was presented by the European Commission in November 2017.
 P. 28

Life with Red Cross in Jablonec
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) are international humanitarian organizations with a history of more than 150 years, which operate in 191 countries of the world. Their main mission is, in particular, to prevent and  mitigate suffering, to protect health, life and respect for the human being, to promote mutual understanding, friendship and peace among peoples without national, racial, religious, class and political differences, and to strive to fulfil fundamental principles of the Red Cross movement.                                           
P. 32






Fires of electric buses
When dealing with traffic accidents or fires of electric buses, the electrical equipment is still under voltage and electric shock can never be excluded. These risks can be limited by rigorous adherence to the principles set out in the Methodology Lists of the Intervention Order and during training. It is also recommended to cooperate with electric bus operators in the fire station area, and to train firefighters about the construction of individual types of buses and safety procedures. 
P. 4

Fire Protection Conference - what is the future?
From 4 to 6 September 2018, the Fire Protection 2018 international conference took place in Ostrava, the Silesia metropolis. The most interesting themes were future of fire protection in the Czech Republic, the impacts of the Herwart hurricane, practical experience from Thailand's rescue efforts, or the Fire Prevention Concept for 2018 - 2021.
 P. 8

Nominees to the Volunteer Firefighters Survey in 2018
The 8th Volunteer Firefighters of the Year survey finalizes, with 25 fire units of voluntary firefighters of municipalities and 25 volunteer fire brigades from all 14 regions of the Czech Republic. The finalists were nominated by a nine-member expert jury composed of representatives from both, professional and voluntary firefighters, and of representatives of the survey partners.
 P. 10

Identification and registration of under-the-limit sources of risks in the Liberec Region
Until 2017, it was not clear how to access dangerous objects that are not classified under category A or B under the Major Accident Prevention Act. The effort to unify the approach to the registration of under-the-limit sources of risks ended by issuing the Act No. 35/2017 of DG FRS CR. In this article, you will learn how some confusions in its practical application were solved in the Liberec Region.
 P. 21

Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic supported Carpathian colleagues
Maj Gen Drahoslav Ryba, General Director of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, visited the Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine (formerly a part of Czechoslovakia) in July 2018. Within the long-term co-operation of the Vysočina Region and the Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine thirty helmets were handed to local firefighters.
 P. 26

New director of the Technical Institute of Fire Protection
On 1 September 2018, Maj Gen Drahoslav Ryba, General Director of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic introduced Col. Ondřej Suchý, PhD, as a new director of the Technical Institute of Fire Protection in Prague.
P. 27

Czech firefighters are world champions in fire sport
From 12 to 16 September 2018, the 14th Men World Championship in Fire Sport, and the 5th Women World Championship in Fire Sport were held in the Slovak town of Banska Bystrica. The Czechs mastered the championship and became world champions.
P. 30

Czech TFA and World Firefighters Games 2018
Selection of representatives of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in TFA, accompanied by Brig Gen Slavomír Bell, MSc., Deputy General Director of the FRS CR, took part in the 13th World Firefighters Games in Chungju, South Korea, in September 2018. And, in competition of 7,000 participants from 65 countries, they succeeded.
 P. 31


Fire of forest and grassland along the railway line
On 4 July 2018 at 10.35 hours the Ústí nad Labem Regional Operational and Information Centre announced an alert due to fire of grass and forest vegetation along the rail line between Ústí nad Labem and Lovosice. The intervention was difficult as the individual outbreaks of fire arose through the passage of a train in the total length of 14 km, and fire spread up to 3 km width, even in a steep, wooded terrain around the international railway corridor.      
P. 4

The TUNELY 2018 exercise on 15 May 2018 simulated a complicated railway accident on the 030 Liberec - Pardubice railway line in the so-called Říkovské Tunnels between the Semily and the Železný Brod railway stations. The accident site represented extraordinary complications in rail transport, heavily accessible terrain and. a large number of injured.     
P. 11

Firefighters often provide first psychological help in traffic accidents
On 18 November 2018 we commemorate WRD, the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, announced by the World Health Organization on the third Sunday of November each year. According to death statistics, the death during a traffic accident is among the world's top ten causes of death.
P. 14

Czech Championship of Rescue Dogs and Handlers
In the days of 7 to 9 September 2018, the Czech Republic Championship of Rescue Dogs and Handlers of the Integrated Rescue System (IRS) bodies took place in the Spáleniště u Přední Výtoně Canine Polygon, South Bohemia.  This year championship was organised by the Union of Rescue Brigades of the Czech Republic Cynologists.
P. 17

New masters of extrication in traffic accidents
On 20 September 2018 the town of Chrudim, Eastern Bohemia, hosted the 9th  Championship of FRS CR in rescue from traffic accidents. All competitors of the Regional FRS teams presented themselves at the Ressel Square, and demonstrated to everyone present the skill and professionalism of the extrication itself.           
P. 18
Soft targets as socially significant objects
Soft targets protection is now discussed very much as a security theme. The term  "soft targets" appears relatively newly in the international security environment, and in the Czech Republic was first delineated in the National Security Audit documents (December 2016), and in the Basics of Soft Targets Protection (June 2016) issued by the Ministry of the Interior, but appears in some older documents, too.                
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Solutions to security measures
This year's Crisis Management Conference organized by the Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management of the Tomas Bata University in Zlín took place on 13 and 14 September 2018 in  Uherské Hradiště, Eastern Moravia. The program was focused on the latest knowledge of security issues, principles of crisis management, environmental safety, and risk analysis and their management at regional level, municipalities’ level, businesses or facilities.   
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Theory, intervention practice, and crisis management
In the days of 17 to 18 October 2018, the Association of Company Fire Brigade Commanders organised their traditional, the 20th professional workshop and the 17th conference in the Horský hotel Sepetná in  Ostravice, Northern Moravia.
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Former industrial zone in Bučovice used for practical training
The Vyškov FRS of the Fire Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region took an offer of the town of Bučovice to temporarily use the former industrial area and premises. The six-hectare complex of buildings has deteriorated since 1995, when furniture production ended there. This summer the first phase of demolition began, and almost all buildings will be demolished in the following years.
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Forest fires - global problem from the ground, from the air, even from the orbit
The number of fires in 2018 was above average not only in the Czech Republic, and esp. number of forest and grassland fires extremely increased. Their most frequent causes are human negligence and technical defects of all kinds, as can be seen from the statistics.
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Official takeover of resilient fire engines
On 10th October 2018, a pair of rugged fire engines was officially presented and handed over in Jihlava, the Vysočina Region. The Rescue Unit of the Fire Rescue Service of the CR got another special equipment, which is unparalleled in the country.

Czech CBRN Detachment in the EU-CHEM-REACT 2018 exercise
From 25th to 28th September 2018, the FsX - Full Scale Exercise called EU-CHEM-REACT 2018, took place in the Javoriv Military Training Area in Ukraine, near the Polish-Ukrainian border. The exercise was the final part of the EU- CHEM-REACT 2018 project, and the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic actively participated there.

Cooperation of the FRS CR with Moldova
At the end of this year, the second foreign development cooperation project with the Office for Civil Protection and Emergencies of Moldova will be completed. The project is implemented on the basis of long-term cooperation between the Czech Fire Rescue Service and the Office for Civil Protection and Emergency of Moldova, and financially supported by the Czech Development Agency.
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Best volunteer firefighters received donations more than CZK 2,400,000
Total of 50 voluntary fire units of municipalities and volunteer firefighters from fire services of the Czech Republic received the Voluntary Firefighters Award 2018 on 14th November 2018. The ceremony of winners of the 8th Survey, nominated by the expert jury, was held at the Brno Exhibition Centre. The prestigious awards were received by representatives of voluntary fire units and services from the first to the third position in the public poll.
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Commemorative medals of the 100th anniversary of the state
On 8th November 2018 a ceremony of commemorative medals took place in the cinema hall of the National Archives in Prague. Altogether, more than three hundred persons were awarded, both officers and employees of the Czech Fire Rescue Service. At the same time, personalities from the public and the private sector, who contributed to the development of the FRS CR, were awarded.
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