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Summary Magazine 112 year 2018

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New climbing polygon in Velké Poříčí
On 12 March 2018, by tapping the foundation stone, the construction of a new climbing polygon for rescue training from height and depth began.  The whole reconstruction and modernization of the Fire School in Velké Poříčí will cost almost 54 million Czech crowns (2.11 million EUR).  p. 2
Fire of the 4 Kameny Motorway
On 18 November 2017 at  10.46 am the operation centre received an emergency report on a fire of the roof of the 4 Kameny Motorway at the D10 highway, Central Bohemia. The fire intervention required the deployment of a large number of fire units. The total damage is estimated in tens of millions of Czech crowns. p. 4
Meeting of CTIF partners in the field of fire investigation
In the days of 1 and 2 March 2018 the Czech fire investigators of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic hosted their counter partners from Hungarian National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ministry of the Interior (NDGDM). The discussion was focused mainly on the issue of detecting the causes of fires both, within the partner countries, and 1n a wider global scale.  The reason for discussing   that "transnational" issues in fire investigation area, was that both states are involved in the CTIF International Firefighting Working Group, newly established in 2016. p. 7

Caution on frozen water surfaces
Motion on frozen water surfaces is not always safe.  There is a high risk of breaking into ice, which should not be underestimated even in strong frosts.  People who enter on the ice should be extremely careful and respect the basic safety rules. p. 16

Informing persons involved in major emergencies
In case of emergencies and crisis situations with a large number of injuries and casualties, a large demand of information received from citizens can be expected. p. 20

Information systems used to deal with consequences of emergencies
Emergency response  in major accidents is usually associated with decision-making in uncertainty, insecurity, and lack of time at the same time. The cause of uncertainty and insecurity in such situations is the different quality of data and information that are obtained and handed over to the crisis staff. p. 22
Caretaker Academy - possible way to safer housing
In 2008, when the Municipal Police in Brno joined the project Safe Locality - Safe Housing announced by the Ministry of the Interior, they came across the idea of setting up a function of a janitor / caretaker. The project conditions exactly met the apartment building in Brno-Nový Lískovec in Koniklecová Street.  It was a house in which the city had the right to disposition  to a certain number of apartments. p. 28
Foundation's activity can not be marked by a price tag
During last year we presented here strong and moving stories of responsibility, bravery and solidarity, which illustrate activities and mission of the Police Officers and Firefighters Foundation - Mutual Assistance in Distress. Now they are also published in the 15th anniversary of the Foundation's activities publication, and directly tied to    you - police officers, firefighters and department employees who create the necessary background for the Foundation.  This allows the Foundation to expand its reach and to enter into the next stage of this unique and necessary activity.  Is it possible to appreciate it?  We interviewed Mr. Vladimír Šuter, director of the Foundation. p. 30

Non-investment subsidies provided to NGOs in 2018
For 2018 the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic proclaimed total of eight grant programmes for non-governmental non-profit organizations in the area of fire protection, Integrated Rescue System, population protection and crisis management. All these subsidies from the state budget of the Czech Republic provided to non-governmental non-profit organizations in 2018 are targeted to non-investment activities. p. 3

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