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Summary Magazine 112 year 2018

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Last year firefighters fought with fires and the hurricane
The traditional balancing press conference of the FRS CR for 2017 was held on 5 January this year in the seat of the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic with participation of the main representatives, who informed leading Czech media about the activities of the fire units in the past year. The presented statistical data were only preliminary, the final results will be published in the Statistical Yearbook 2017. p. 2

Night fire of a wooden church
On August 2, 2017, just nine minutes after midnight, the Regional Operational Centre of the Moravian-Silesian FRS announced fire of a wooden church from the 16th century in Třinec in the part of Guty .the Frýdek-Místek district. Historically valuable monument rapidly burst, and despite the large deployment of fire units, the church was unable to save. p. 4

International co-operation in the field of fire investigation
The paper deals with the issue of international cooperation in the field of detection of causes of fires. Analysis of different national systems for detecting the causes of fires was made. The article describes the Czech footprint of the newly installed CTIF Fire Investigation Working Group in 2016, and its vision for the future. p. 10

Fire investigators´ work is changing and becoming more challenging
Lt-Col Jakub Škoda from the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and Capt. Stanislav Kopecký of the Pilsen FRS explain in the interview the work of fire investigators. They deal with the causes of fires, prevent them and create different standards, guidelines, measures and regulations, they also co-operate with the police, and process expert opinions.p. 15

Post-traumatic care teams in the Reach your twenty project
From September 2015 to June 2016, the pilot traffic - safety project named "Dožij se dvaceti (Reach your twenty)” of the Kolečko Fund and partners, was run at selected secondary schools and grammar schools in the Central Bohemian Region and the Ústí nad Labem Region for the target group of youth aged 16-18. Firefighters´ teams of post-traumatic care were among co-operating partners. This article describes and evaluates the effectiveness and impact of the project on its participants. p. 18

Cooperation of the Psychological Service of FRS CR with foreign partners
The Psychological Service of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic has long been cooperating with a wide range of partner organizations. In last seven years the Psychological Department of the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic has been deepening cooperation also at international level, not only within various international projects dealing with emergency management, but also in the form of expert meetings with   other partner entities from abroad.  p. 22

Hugo the Elephant joined firefighters in the Ústí nad Labem Region
"Hugo was probably the smallest elephant in the world. That's why he was traveling with a circus." This way starts the fairy tale about a little big elephant, written by Capt. Lukáš Marvan, the spokesperson of the Ústí nad Labem FRS. This story, along with the graphic rendition, became the basis of the Hugo the Firefighter Elephant project. We contacted Ms. Lenka Procházková, well-known local artist, who created Hugo the Elephant figure and graphic background for further educational materials. The chosen elephant is cheerful and positive, colored in light blue, dressed in a firefighting suit, has a helmet, and at the end of its trunk has a fire nozzle. p. 24

Balance of 2017 and new impetus for future action
Once again before the Christmas holidays, experts from the area of security, rescue and protection of the population gathered at the Institute for Population Protection in Lázně Bohdaneč. The workshop dealt with events of 2017, how the emergencies were coped with and what mistakes should be avoided in the next. p. 32

Bird flu

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