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Summary Magazine 112 year 2016

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Fire of production hall
On 18th March 2016 a fire occurred in a production facility in an industrial zone in Vyškov, South Moravia. This one major fire caused damages of hundreds of thousands Czech crowns, and is among the fires of the highest damages in the history of the Fire & Rescue Service of the South Moravian Region. p. 4

Fire and operational safety of flue ways
Fire and operational safety of flue ways was one of the topics of the international workshop held on 7th June 2016 in Prague. The meeting was a great opportunity for the exchange of information and experience in the field of chimney sweeping. p. 9

International fire investigation conference in Hungary
In the days of 24 to 26 May 2016 Budapest hosted an international conference focused on investigating the causes of fires. Participants from 13 countries shared their experience, among them representatives of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. p. 10

Humanitarian assistance
ADRA is a well-known international humanitarian organization providing assistance to people in need. ADRA has been involved in helping after floods and other natural disasters in the Czech Republic since 1992. p. 12

Post-traumatic care team
PTT, the post-traumatic care teams, provide post-traumatic interventional care to members and employees of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, who experienced a traumatic event in connection with the performance of official or business tasks, and also the process of psychosocial assistance to persons affected by emergencies. Team members cooperate closely with a psychologist. p. 14

New director of the Prague Emergency Medical Service
Mr. MUDr. Petr Kolouch, MBA directs the Emergency Medical Service of the City of Prague since July 2015. This interview provides information about changes and goals that have been achieved within the year of his leadership, and on functioning of the largest emergency medical service in the country. p. 16

Integrated Rescue System and persons with hearing impairments
The article highlights the issue of warning and evacuation for people with hearing disabilities. Technological development of communication means and devices that would facilitate early warning of people in emergency and possibilities of subsequent evacuation is described. p. 18

Czech Republic prepares for drought
Preparedness of the Czech Republic for periods of droughts alternating with years of floods is described. What is the protection against drought and floods? p. 22

Preparing members of Crisis Staff
Crisis staffs are working bodies that are established for providing various activities arising from dealing with emergencies or crisis situations. The Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic organises various forms of theoretical and practical training for crisis staff members, including exercises, which ranks among the basic forms of preparing members of Crisis Staffs. p. 24

"Junior Diary" for children
In 2014 the FRS of South Bohemian Region in cooperation with the Vltava-Labe-Press, Ltd., created "Junior Diary" for children. The aim of this cooperation is to issue contributions targeted to children, and focused on civil protection, fire protection and the IRS (integrated rescue system). p. 26

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