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Summary Magazine 112 year 2016

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Fire of the roof of the National Museum
At night on 12 February 2016 a fire occurred on the roof of a historic building of the National Museum in Prague. Total of 135 firefighters from 18 fire units participated in the liquidation. Thanks to nowadays reconstruction works on the building, fire loss are very low. p. 4

Cylinders in fire conditions
A joint project of the Pilsen FRS and the Czech Police was implemented in the years 2012 – 2014. The aim was to define behavior of cylinders / pressure vessels during heat exposure, and to describe basic aspects of the elimination such cylinders by shooting through the cylinder. p. 7

Growing importance of fire prevention
In March this year already 19th Conference on Fire Protection with international participation named Červený kohout (Red Rooster) was held in Frymburk, South Bohemia. This year´s main attention was focused on fire prevention. p. 16

Price for 112 operators
In April 2016 Prague hosted the awards ceremony for the best services to citizens in distress via the European emergency call number 112. Here EENA (the European Emergency Number Association, settled in Brussels) awarded one of the prizes to the Operational and Information Centre of the Olomouc FRS. p. 19

SEQUANA 2016 International Exercise
In the beginning of this March, SEQUANA 2016 - the international exercise of rescue bodies, was held in France. The Czech Republic participated there with the CBRNDET module (i.e. Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Detection and Sampling) for detection of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances and their sampling. The main topic of this exercise was aftermath of floods in Paris. p. 20

Drought and its consequences in the country
In April this year Prague hosted a coordination meeting of representatives of bodies of the Integrated Rescue System. The main topic was how to fight with fires in natural environment caused by heat waves and droughts. p. 22

Firefighters in cooperation with health professionals
The Prague Fire Brigade cooperates with the Humanitarian Unit of the Czech Red Cross in Prague esp. in addressing the challenges of emergency and disaster preparedness. The cooperation is mainly focused on establishment and management of evacuation centers, distribution of humanitarian aid, and emergency accommodation. p. 24

Preventive-educational activity
For eleven years the Association of Lifebuoy (in Czech: Záchranný kruh) has been working on projects that lead to education, awareness and practical training of the population to common risks and the risks of emergencies. Teaching materials and other results and projects are used by more than 6,000 teachers and lecturers. p. 26

Awards for rescue actions
As traditionally in the Prague Castle, on 7 April this year Mr. Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic, awarded Golden Rescue Crosses for outstanding acts of both, professional rescuers and amateurs, and individual / collectives who last year contributed to saving human lives. p. 28

Firefighter of the Year 2015
In April 2016 the Top Hotel Prague hosted the rendition of results of the seventh annual survey of major personalities, the best teams and the most important projects within the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic in 2015. p. 30

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