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Summary Magazine 112 year 2016

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Unique intervention
A rescue deployment composed of members of the Rescue Unit of the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic was involved in successful rescue of the Czech Albis cargo ship this March. The vessel jammed in one of the bridges on the River Elbe in   Dresden. p. 4

Fire with tragic consequences
In December 2015 an explosion and a subsequent fire occurred in an industrial area in Turnov, East Bohemia. The fire caused destruction of the manufacturing hall and the warehouse. Intervention in the statically damaged building was extremely risky for acting firefighters. The disaster had one casualty. p. 6

Traces of fire spread on bodies
The Technical Institute of Fire Protection in Prague conducted model tests of results of fire on passenger vehicles. The intention of these tests was to evaluate the spread of fire, and its traces on car bodies in different weather conditions. p. 12

Temperatures of halogen lamps
The goal of the experimental measurement was recording and analysing of the surface temperatures on the glass and on the light cover mounted in different positions. The rate of decrease in the surface temperature of a lamp from the time off was also recorded. p. 16

Bag for triage
A bag for triage, used by firefighters - rescuers, serves for imposition of coloured strips for labelling the persons injured in mass disasters. A new bag can be mounted onto a belt, and was successfully tested in difficult conditions. p. 20

Fuel transportation at the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
Enough of fuel is a necessary condition to ensure operability of firefighting equipment. Transportation of fuel within the Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic is governed by strict rules, which are based on the European Agreement on the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. p. 21

Firefighters help to mentally afflicted
The Fire & Rescue Service of the Czech Republic carries out preventive educational activities for various age and social groups of society, in accordance with the Law on Fire Protection. Among others, also for people with mental disabilities. p. 24

Organizational accidents
Results of this special research showed that Europeans are highly vulnerable by organizational accidents, which are caused by defects in behaviour of people, and especially by defects in management of human society at all levels of management. Large gaps were found in emergency management of emergencies with social nature. p. 25

Safety of people with special needs
The FRS of Olomouc Region realises a project named Bezpečnost osob se specifickými potřebami (Safety of people with special needs), which aims to help groups of population with specific needs, e.g. blind people, people with hearing impaired, handicapped or elderly. p. 28

Foundation care in 2015
The Police Officers and Firefighters Foundation - Mutual Assistance in Distress tended in 2015 by 59 children from 36 single-parent families, and by 41 severely physically disabled former police officers and firefighters. p. 30

Invitation to Zbiroh
Traditionally on 1st May the gates of the Exposition of Fire Protection of FRS CR opens in Zbiroh near Pilsen. During the six years of its existence, it has become the largest exhibition of firefighting equipment both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. On the area of 4,500 square meters you can see more than 600 exhibits. p. 31

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