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The Ministry of Interior – Directorate General of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic focuses on the development of international cooperation with other countries through the division of Civil Emergency Preparedness and Strategies (hereinafter referred to as „CNPaS“), especially in the framework of the European Union, NATO and other international organizations in areas related to the civil protection, civil emergency planning and critical infrastructure protection.

At national level the CNPaS division fulfils the role of the national Civil Emergency Planning Committee secretariat, which is permanent working body of the National Security Council in the field of civil emergency planning. The CNPaS division ensures the preparation and processing strategic and conceptual documents of the FRS CR and participates on other documents created within the Ministry of Interior, central administrative authorities and regional authorities, which relates to the sphere of competence of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. CNPaS also supports activities related to security research and development of the Czech Republic. In addition, it organizes conferences, seminars and instructional methodical workshops in the field of civil emergency preparedness.

CNPaS division

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Activities at national level

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