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NATO annual crisis management exercise (CMX 2012)

On 12 - 16 November 2012 was held NATO annual Crisis Management Exercise (CMX 2012). The exercise was designed to practice Alliance crisis management procedures at the strategic political level and to involve civilian and military staff in Allied capitals, at NATO Headquarters, and in both Strategic Commands. CMX 12 was under the auspices of the NATO Secretary General (Anders Fogh Rasmussen). 


In CMX 2012 participated NATO headquarters, NATO military command and NATO member states as well as partner countries Finland and Sweden. The European External Action Service was also actively involved in the exercise. The exercise CMX 2012 was based on one single fictitious scenario portraying an escalating threat from chemical, biological and radiological attacks, including large scale cyber attacks affecting NATO and selected Member States.
The goal of the CMX 2012 exercise was to test NATO’s readiness to respond to asymmetrical threats to NATO using the procedures and policies that have been agreed upon within the organization. Another goal was to practice strategic consultations on the political and military level as well as the collective decision-making process.
This CMX 2012 was taking place in parallel with NATO’s technical cyber security staff exercise Cyber Coalition 12.
In the Czech Republic designated ministries and central administrative authorities took part in the CMX 2012. Ministry of Interior – Directorate General Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic as a part of this exercise was actively concerned in answering the requests of affected states sent via EADRCC as well as undertaking the NCRS measures.
The feedback of the Ministry of Interior – Directorate General Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic during the CMX2012 was indicated as an exemplary one compared to the other parties participating at national and international level as mentioned in the report from the Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to NATO.
Lukáš Pidhaniuk
Civil Emergency Preparedness Department

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