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Historical exposition

In the context of preventive education and publicity it was intended to establish an exhibition in the Zbiroh at the premises of the former barracks that could unveil the evolution of the fire protection to the laic and professional public, response to emergencies and a system of the protection of the population.  

This intention should be implemented by creating of an exposition, which main focus is to concentrate all available mobile and stationary fire technologies used by professional and voluntary fire units since its inception.
Exposition should be divided according to the period when there was used simple fire-fighting equipment, later manual pumps drawn by horses, steam pumps, or other special equipment and for a period of formation of automobile technology in the 1920s replaced horse-drawn fire pumps. Its goal is to introduce home-produced and imported fire technology. Attention will be given to a special fire technology in terms of its focus on how to fight fire in tactical terms as well as fire-fighting operations using different fire-fighting means.
Another part of exposition will focus on the protection of the population and the nowadays historical means of civil protection. Different activities, articles, documentary materials will be used for the presentation and all the other things that demonstrate the protection of the population in the widest possible scale.
Studený Vlastimil – Organizational division (Department Chairman) – Director General of FRS CR
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Telephone: 974 819 770
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JUDr. Szaszo Zoltán – Organizational division - Director General of FRS CR
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Telephone: 974 819 787
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Pavelec Antonín – Logistics Base – Director General of FRS CR in Zbiroh
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