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Firefighters profession is the most trusted of all professions in the Czech Republic

According to the outcome of the vote of European Trusted Brands 2010, organized by Reader's Digest, firefighters have won in the "Profession" category with overwhelming majority. This profession gained support of 92 percent of voting participants in Europe. Firefighters in the Czech Republic have won by another 5 percent compared with the rest of Europe. Voting took place in 16 European countries and 131 000 respondents participated, this year for the first time through online voting. The Czech clients were sent out 20 000 e-mails by Reader's Digest with 14.4 percent response.  

Firefighters are, of course, very pleased with 97 percent confidence of the Czech citizens. It's even 2 percent more than we have gained in previous surveys. "From this confidence it is obvious that the functioning of the whole system of our integrated rescue system is well set. Maybe approach of our firefighters, which is always selfless and helpful, also helped to achieve this wonderful result, which people encounter during solving various emergency situations," said František Zadina, Deputy of IRS Section and Operational Management of the Directorate General of Fire Rescue of the Czech Republic.
Respondents from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain and the Czech Republic participated in this year's survey of European Trusted Brands.

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