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Fire sport in the Czech Republic


This specific sport area has been more popular worldwide among both professional and voluntary firefighters. The first official contest in fire sport was held in 1937. The Championship of CR in Fire Sport of FRS CR teams, and the Championship of CR of Municipal Voluntary Firefighters teams are every-year peaks. The right to participate in these top events has to be won in successive rounds, and only the best teams and individuals are qualified. The first all-country contest in CR was held in 1970.
Fire sport is a part of special fitness program for members of Regional Fire Rescue Services, for members of municipal units of voluntary firefighters, and for employees of company FRSs.
International success
The Czech representatives have participated also in international contests in fire sport; by their results they have belonged to European top teams for a long time. It may be proved even by their first start in an international contest in 1968, where our representatives won silver medals in fire attack event. At 12th International Firemen Olympiad, held in 2001 in Kuopio, Finland, the representative team of FRS CR won the 2nd place. In the 1st World Fire Sport Contest, held in Moscow in 2002, our team won the fourth overall place, and the silver medals in fire attack event. In the 1st European Championship in Fire Sport, held in Petersburg in 2003, they won the third overall place and two silver medals in 4x100 m hurdles relay race, and in fire attack.

Our representatives were successful even in the 2nd World Fire Sport Contest, held in Minsk, Belarus, in 2004, where they gained the third overall place. In 2005, the team of Czech professional firefighters then won the gold medal in the 2nd Open European Championship in Fire Sport in Ostrava – with the new world record time in fire attack, and silver overall place. In the 3rd World Fire Sport Contest, held in Teheran, Iran, in 2006, the Czech team gained two silver medals. They repeated that success in 2007 in the 3rd Open European Championship of Firefighters and Rescuers, held again in Ostrava, when they gained two gold medals in collective events, and the gold overall place. Also in 2008 our representatives confirmed that they are on the world top. In the 4th World Fire Sport Contest, held in Bulgaria, the Czech team gained bronze overall place plus the silver medal in relay race and the bronze medal in fire attack.
Fire sport consists of following events:
     100 m hurdles;
     Ascent to 4th floor of a training tower;
     4x 100 m hurdles relay race;
     Fire attack.

In 2009 the 14th International CTIF Fire Brigades Competitions and the 17th CTIF International Youth Fire Brigades Competitions were held in the city of Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

More information about this largest fire sport event in the Czech republic since 70s you can find on

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