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Exercise MODEX Falck Denmark

Early in the morning on Tuesday 29th January 2013 Traumateam ČR returned back home from four days exercise MODEX Falck in Denmark. The exercise was held from 24 to 29 of January 2013 in training centre of Danish Emergency Management Agency in Tinglev.  

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The exercise is one of the six exercises which are organized by Falck company in agreement with European Commission to prepare, organize and evaluate exercises of civil protection modules.

The Czech Republic was represented with new created civil protection module Advanced Medical Post. This unit is composed from members of Traumateam ČR from University Hospital in Brno and logistical part of Prague USAR team. Furthermore USAR teams from Great Britain (ISAR) and Iceland (Ice-Sar) which are one of the most experienced teams in Europe, were participated in the exercise. Also team of EU coordinators were participated, EU Civil Protection team, which task was coordination of civil protection modules and international rescue and in-kind humanitarian assistance flowing into Euland.

Scenario of the exercise was an earthquake in Euland and subsequent request for assistance in form of special teams for urban search and rescue operation, advanced medical posts, high capacity pumping teams etc.

During four days of exercise was Traumateam ČR checked in severe conditions and non stop operation on-site at least 72 hours. Traumateam ČR treated 227 injured patients including 84 with major injuries and 18 deaths during its presence in the exercise.

Foto: MUDr. Petr Nestrojil, FN Brno
Text: plk. Ing. Lenka Rašovská

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