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Emergency unit of FRS CR

Since 1st January 2009 the Hlučín Emergency Unit of the Czech Fire & Rescue Service has been formed in Silesia, near Polish border. Former 157th Rescue Battalion of the Czech Army was incorporated to the FRS CR based on the Government Decision.

Emergency unit - Hlučín.jpgEmergency unit - Hlučín.jpg

Tasks and targets

Rescue and humanitarian activities
     Search, extrication and rescue of persons from collapsed structures
     Rescue and diving work in water
     Earth works (river-basin removal, communications unblocking etc.)
     Extrication of crashed or stuck vehicles
     Radiation and chemical recognition
     Decontamination of persons, equipment, material, and terrain
     Clean-up of oil products leakages
     Collecting and liquidation of dead animals
     Evacuation of people, transport of cattle and material
     Distribution of drinkable water
     Providing of emergency surviving to citizens

Renewal of stricken territories
     Emergency supply with drinkable water, powers and humanitarian material
     Water pumping with high-capacity pumps
     Medical support

Providing humanitarian assistance to abroad
     Divers and climbers
     Dog handlers
     Experts for shot firing
     Blackout experts

Special education to FRS CR officers
     Entrance training for fire units members
     Physical training
     Chemical training
     Training in topography, communications, medical and psychological education
     Driving licence training
     Special training for:
     Canine / dog handlers
     Firing works
     Engineering and equipments service

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