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Civil Emergency Planning Committee

Civil Emergency Planning Committee (hereinafter referred to as „VCNP“) is permanent working body of the National Security Council in the field of civil emergency planning and for the coordination and planning of measures to ensure internal state security protection. In the sphere of its competence the VCNP represents platform of wide interdepartmental cooperation with an emphasis to the field of preparation and management of emergencies and crisis. The rules of the VCNP activities are directed by internal regulations such as Statute, Rules of procedure and Rules of organization. These regulations deal with the committee´s competence, composition, rules of conduct and define the internal structure and organization of committee´s work. Organizational and administrative activities of the VCNP are provided by its secretariat, whose functions are fulfilled by the Division of Civil Emergency Preparedness and Strategies. 

In particular the activity of VCNP is based on the annual work plan. The plan is compiled from the requirements of individual VCNP members and also from the tasks assigned by the National Security Council and the Government of the Czech Republic. Last but not least, within defined sphere of competence the VCNP fulfils tasks arising from NATO and European Union documents.

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