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Integrated Rescue System

  • Integrated Rescue System
  • Humanitarian assistance abroad

Integrated Rescue System

The Integrated Rescue System (IRS) is determined for co-ordination of rescue and clean-up operations in case, where a situation requires operation of forces and means of several bodies, e.g. firefighters, police, medical rescue service and other bodies, or in case, where the rescue and clean-up operation is necessary to be co-ordinated from the Ministry of Interior or by a leader of region’s level, or by mayors of municipalities with extended responsibilities.
As the Integrated Rescue System are therefore considered the co-ordinated proceedings of its bodies during preparations for emergencies, and during rescue and clean-up operations.
The Act No. 239/2000 Coll.  on the Integrated Rescue System and on amendment of certain codes, in latter wording, is the basic legal frame.

Basic IRS bodies:
     Fire Rescue Service of CR and fire units, based on fire cover,
     Police of CR,
     Medical Rescue Service.

Other IRS bodies:
     Specified forces and means of armed bodies,
     Other armed security services,
     Other rescue services,
     Public health protection authorities,
     Emergency, stand-by, specialised and other services,
     Civil Protection establishments,
     NGOs and civil associations, which can be used for rescue and clean-up operations.

As permanent authorities for coordination of Integrated Rescue System bodies are considered the operational and information centres of the Integrated Rescue System, i.e. the operational centres of regional Fire Rescue Services and the Operational and Information Centre of the Directorate General  of Fire Rescue Service of CR.

In 2008 fire units co-operated with other IRS bodies in 87,903 operations in total.

Humanitarian assistance abroad

According to Article 7 (1b) of the Law No. 239/2000 on Integrated Rescue System and on modification of certain codes, in latter wording, the Ministry of Interior is involved in engagement of the Czech Republic into international rescue operations in emergencies abroad and in providing humanitarian assistance abroad, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tasks of the Ministry of Interior are fulfilled through the MoI - General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (MI-GD FRS CR)

Moreover, according to Article 7 (4a) of the Law No. 239/2000, the Ministry of Interior decides in agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the humanitarian assistance, provided by the State to foreign countries and on engagement into international rescue operations. Details are given by implementary regulations.

State humanitarian assistance of the Czech Republic abroad is funded by financial resources, allocated in the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Further, the Governmental Regulation No. 463/2000 on determination of rules for engaging in international rescue operations, on providing/receiving of humanitarian assistance, and on reimbursement of amounts incurred by other bodies (companies and/or entrepreneurs) for population protection, in wording of the Governmental Regulation No. 527/2002, giver binding provisions on engaging in international rescue operation.

The Law No. 133/1985 on Fire Protection, in latter wording, empowers the Ministry of Interior to concentrate and to deploy fire forces and equipment for providing inter-state assistance regardless by whom they are disposed. Co-operation of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic with international organisations and foreign bodies is allowed according to the Law No. 238/2000 on the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. Main rules for engaging in international rescue operations and on providing of humanitarian assistance abroad were described in the issue “Engaging the Czech Republic in peace and rescue operations and to humanitarian assistance” which was approved by the Governmental Decision No. 458 from 9 May 2001.

Legislation, which regulates the decision-making powers in matters of providing humanitarian assistance, is the Law 151/2010 Coll. on international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance to foreign countries and on the amendment of some laws.
Basic forms of assistance:

          • Rescue
          • Material
          • Financial
          • Advisory (Turkey, Philippines)
          • Combined – combines the four above-mentioned forms of assistance.

The allocated budget for humanitarian aid abroad was originally suggested for 220 million CZK for the year 2021, but the Parliament of the Czech Republic decided about reducing the budget to 120 million CZK.

Detailed information about humanitarian aid can be found on

Year                         2016       2017    2018    2019    2020
Number of cases        35          48        51        56        85
Number of countries   25          29        24        26        33
Sum in million CZK     101,2     158,9    212,8  245,3   383,7



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