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A unique German-Czech exercise is conducted in the town Litoměřice

8.5. 2008, Hundreds of rescue forces take part at the large-scale exercise with the topic “transnational flood protection”.  

A large-scale German-Czech exercise under the name „Albis 2008“ is conducted in Litoměřice (a town near Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic) from 16th till 18th May. The clearance of the consequences of a transnational flood with international dimensions is trained. The tactical exercise was arranged by the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic (HZS ČR).
The aim of the exercise „Albis 2008“ which is co-funded by the European Union is to test the operational readiness of the rescue forces and other responsible institutions in the case of floods with international dimensions (albis = Latin for Elbe). The exercise also shall contribute to the improvement of the German-Czech cooperation of the rescue and security forces and shall control the option to make use of the international relief within the framework of the EU mechanism.
The main part of this unique exercise will take place on the training area of the army of the Czech Republic on the bank of the river Elbe and on the area of the barrack in Litoměřice on Saturday 17th May 2008. Here the German and the Czech rescue forces will demonstrate operations which are connected with the flood protection and the clearance of flood consequences:
  • Rescue and evacuation of the inhabitants out of areas which are endangered by floods with the help of boats and a helicopter, medical attendance, warranty of alternative accommodations in the mobile humanitarian centre,
  • Rescue and salvage of buried people in a house damaged by the flood with the help of dogs and special location technology,
  • Bailing of water out of flooded rooms (working with high power pumps),
  • Erection of a flood-protection dike (filling of sandbags),
  • Erection of a provisional (mobile) footbridge over the river,
  • Erection of an oil barrier,
  • Command, communication, logistics.
The scenario assumes alert stage III. at the river Elbe and a rising of the water level at the lower reaches of the Elbe to the level of the 20-year water (i.e. to the height of 885 cm). Because of the grave situation the stage of crisis is declared in the area Litoměřice and the Czech Republic will accept international help.
The exercise “Albis 2008” is the biggest exercise of this kind in the history of our countries. At the junction of the Elbe with the river Eger high-class technology is in use and about 300 rescue forces from both countries will be in action in these few days. Not only THW and HZS ČR but also teams of the volunteer fire brigades of the communities, the army of the Czech Republic, the police of the Czech Republic, Medical Ambulance Service, local authorities of the town Litoměřice and of the area Ústí nad Labem and the river administration of the Elbe are participating. EU-Observers, members of the OSSOC-Team and the EU-Assessment-Team will be also on site.
Unfortunately the town Litoměřice, where the exercise takes place, has ample experiences with floods – devastating floods of the Elbe have affected this town seriously in 2002.
Parts of the exercise take place on public areas. The citizens have the opportunity to watch for example how German rescue forces will build a mobile footbridge over a lateral canal of the Elbe on the square Lodní náměstí. All those interested are able to observe from the Tyrš-bridge the evacuation of persons and the erection of oil barriers.
Hint for media representatives:
The exercise mainly takes place on the military area of the army of the Czech Republic which is not accessible for the public. Therefore, media representatives who want to take part on the exercise should apply online for their accreditation under
Accredited journalists meet at the barracks Jiří z Poděbrad in Litoměřice (entry via street Českolipská) on Saturday, 17th May at 8.30 o'clock. It is pointed out that no journalist without accreditation will have entry to the area of the exercise.
Attached you find an exercise timetable and a view of the exercise area with the marked contact point.
More information about the exercise „Albis 2008“ you can find under 


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