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A large scale exercise ZÓNA 2008

18.11.2008, Its subject is an incident at a nuclear power plant Dukovany  

Ministry of Interior in co-operation with the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SÚJB) and Ministry of Defense prepare the national exercise „ZONE 2008“. On November 26 – 28 this long planned exercise will test activities and performance of crisis management authorities, bodies of integrated rescue system and other authorities at emergency in consequence of simulated radiation incident at the Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany.

According to the scenario radioactive material fictitiously releases from the area of the power plant and will endanger population in its vicinity.
The purpose of the ZONE 2008 exercise is to practise the activity of central administrative bodies in the Vysočina and the South Moravia regions and municipalities in response to the rise of simulated radiation incident, including urgent and consequent measures. The aim of the exercise is also to practise the activity of forces and means of the integrated rescue system bodies, the Czech Army and other stakeholders while fulfilling the tasks according to external emergency plan for emergency planning zone of the Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany. The ZONE 2008 exercise makes it also possible to test the function of information flows and procedures of responsible authorities according to the documentation of emergency and crisis management.
After beginning of the exercise on November 26 morning sirens will be set off in the 20 km zone of emergency planning in the surroundings of the power plant to a training warning of population.
During the exercise a meeting of Central Crisis Staff will be called and with regard to the serious simulated crisis situation it is expected that the Prime Minister announces the state of emergency.
Practical activities associated with the fulfilling of tasks of emergency protective measures (sheltering, evacuation of endangered inhabitants followed with decontamination) will be performed in four communities in the zone of emergency planning of Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany – Vémyslice, Kubšice, Mohelno and Kožichovice.on Thursday 27 November 2008. 
ZONE 2008 is the largest exercise of this kind in the modern history of the Czech Republic. For the first time in the Czech Republic, also central administrative authorities will be involved in such an exercise. Exercises which were held e. g. in 2002 at Nuclear Power Plant Temelin and in 2004 at Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany had a regional character.
Besides the Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany and selected central administrative authorities of crisis management (responsible ministries, State Office for Nuclear Safety) also authorities of crisis management and bodies of integrated rescue system of the region of Vysočina and South Moravia region will participate in the ZONE 2008 exercise. Some of communities in the zone of emergency planning of the Nuclear power plant Dukovany will be involved on the exercise as well.
It is necessary to underline that the main topic of the ZONE 2008 exercise is very improbable situation that had never occurred in the history of the Czech Republic. It could happen only due to a number of parallel failures and very unlikely coincidence. According to the international indicators, the Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany belongs to the ten percent of the best operated nuclear power plants in the world.
Although the probability of similar event tends to zero, responsible authorities must not underestimate anything and must be prepared for solving of this type of emergency. Nuclear power plants are obliged to check up their emergency preparedness every year. The staffs of nuclear power plants and also cooperating parts of the integrated rescue system take part in these regular trainings. The exercise like ZONE 2008 with the involvement of other emergency management authorities is held every three years.
We would like to draw the attention of the journalists who would like to participate in the practical activities on November 27 (evacuation and decontamination) that there will be a limited traffic and access of individuals. Therefore, those interested in this part of the exercise have to be accredited before its beginning by sending an E-mail with their name, media and contact on The deadline for accreditations is 21 November 2008.
The ZONE 2008 exercise will be presented in detail at press conference, which will be held on 25 November in Prague. 

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