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We protect life, health and property

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Strategies and strategic concepts


Lukáš  Pidhaniuk  - 22.9.2017


Expert Conferences and Seminars

The Division of Civil Emergency Preparedness and Strategies organizes expert conferences focusing on security issues. Further, the division develops cooperation with higher education institutions by o... 

Lukáš  Pidhaniuk  - 18.9.2017


Security research


Lukáš  Pidhaniuk  - 18.9.2017


Cooperation with public and private subjects


Lukáš  Pidhaniuk  - 4.9.2017


Civil Emergency Planning Committee

Civil Emergency Planning Committee (hereinafter referred to as „VCNP“) is permanent working body of the National Security Council in the field of civil emergency planning and for the coordination and ... 

Lukáš  Pidhaniuk  - 15.8.2017


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