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Types of courses

1.     Professional Competence Courses

Chemical Laboratory Worker (F-CHL)

The educational program is designed to review and deepen the existing knowledge, and to extend validity of the professional competence certificates for the employees of chemical laboratories of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic and their incidence response teams.

2.     Specialist courses

Specialist courses for administrators of the Unified Alert and Warning System (UAWS) and administrators and users of the UAWS input terminals are focused on mastering the basic concepts of the system and terminals, and on the principles of UAWS with emphasis on operations and functions of the end warning elements. Importance is placed on mastering the perfect practical knowledge of the input terminal operations performing the remote control of the UAWS end elements.

3.      Instructional methodical workshops

Instructional methodological workshops (IMW) are upgrades of specialization courses and enhancements of education and information services.

4.     Dates of other courses, IMW, and periodic examinations in the 1st half of 2021

Dates of specialist courses, instructional methodological workshops, other courses for the first half of 2021, and other information are listed in the Course Offer, published on the website of the Population Protection Institute.

5.     Educational events with international participation

International Conference on Separation Chemistry – 1st November - 2nd November 2021

Information and registration:
Hana Kovaličová, tel. +420 950 580 336, email:

Registration for the course

To pre-register for your chosen course, or to book your accommodation, you can also contact Ms. Iveta Hladíková, phone no. +420 950 580 414, email:

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