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Specialized activities

GIS – Central data warehouse

Main tasks:

  • Gathering, managing, verifying and distributing geodata for the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, for the National Information System of the Integrated Rescue System (NIS IRS) and the Emergency Call Centre 112
  • Performing the role and tasks of the main GIS administrator within the NIS IRS

updating search data
creating and publishing map services

modifying visualization of the reference, thematic, and orthophoto background maps, solving operational problems concerning the new ones, and  detecting discrepancies in existing  data, etc.

  • Providing data for decision-making processes


  • Maintain the unified data model, regularly update data in the central database and the local regional databases
  • Process network and spatial analyses to support zoning, ranging, land coverage, etc.
  • Cooperate in creating and updating map projects and generate background maps for central applications
  • Create applications to support GIS for individual users
  • Lecturing (universities, professional conferences)

GIS development:

  • Participation in innovative development projects
  • Focus on the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) data to support processes in the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic
  • Use of progressive technologies for specific sub-processes in GIS
  • Improving and automating specific data management processes

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