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Security research

Individual (personal) and collective protection

This workplace deals with conceptual, consulting, but especially pedagogical and research activities in the field of individual and collective protection of the population.

The main tasks of the workplace

  • Scientific-research activity focused on testing of individual protection means, development of new means, solving issues of improvised personal protection and building of simple improvised shelters.
  • Pedagogical activities focused on teaching issue of personal protection equipment - their use, storage and treatment, teaching issue of collective protection - shelter fund, layout and design of individual shelters, technical equipment, use, maintenance and operation.
  • Consulting activities focused on providing information to natural and legal entities in the area of ​​purchasing suitable protective means and maintenance of the shelter fund.

 Scientific research activity

  • Testing of individual protective equipment focused on checking the functionality of existing equipment in terms of their natural aging, measuring the dynamic sorption capacity of small protective filters (DSK MOF) for selected industrial pollutants, measuring the resistance time of protective materials to combat poisons (BOL).
  • Elaboration of methodologies for testing individual protective equipment - child protective bags, children's jackets, protective masks, protective helmets, protective clothing and small protective filters.
  • Elaboration of methods for improvised protection of respiratory tract and eyes for selected industrial pollutants (PS).
  • Processing of documents for the development of new means of individual protection.
  • Possibilities of building simple improvised shelters for individual dangers arising from the use of combat poisons and nuclear ammunition during a state of war and during chemical or radiation accidents in peacetime.

Pedagogical activity

  • The aim of pedagogical activities is preparation, pedagogical support and professional management in courses for gaining professional competence, in courses within the initial training of members of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, in specialization courses, in advanced courses and in supplementary courses it provides teaching in the following areas:
  • In the field of personal protective equipment (method of providing individual protection, distribution of individual protective equipment, possibilities of their use, method of their treatment and storage, the latest knowledge in this area, improvised personal protective equipment, practical training in the use of protective equipment, especially protective masks, protective clothing and ZPJ-80, examples of new means of individual protection),
  • In the field of collective protection of the population (method of ensuring collective protection, sheltering of the population, operation and maintenance of permanent shelters, demonstration of permanent shelters, the latest knowledge in this area, improvised protection of the population by shelter, building improvised shelters),
  • In the field of fire protection, the workplace participates in the teaching, in processing of teaching and educational materials for fire investigators.
  • It ensures preparation of equipment primarily in courses of theoretical preparation of personnel equipment for the provision of first aid, etc.

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