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Security research

Security research is a distinctive agenda on a border between scientists and security policy. The current definition formulated by the European Security Research Advisory Board places security research at the intersection of the environmental, economic and social context of sustainable development.

Security research means research, development and innovation activities aimed at identifying, preventing and preparing and protecting against illegal acts or unanimous intentional harm to the (European) community, human beings, organizations or structures, tangible and intangible assets and infrastructure, including operational continuity after such action and mitigation of its consequences (also applicable in case of natural disasters and industrial accidents).

In conditions of the Czech Republic, security research is understood mainly as scientific research and experimentation focused to achieve additional knowledge, technical and technological level that enables the Czech Republic to acquire, maintain and develop specific capabilities to ensure security of the state and its inhabitants. It realizes a causal relationship between successful research and material and technical and technological prosperity.

Security research has an interdisciplinary character of technical, exact, natural, medical and social sciences with relations to the long-standing needs of security and protection of the state; includes an innovative environment enabling efficient, effective and fast acquisition, transfer and practical use of knowledge and modern materials and intangible technologies.

The Institute of Population Protection is a specialized security research capacity of the Czech Republic established by the Ministry of Interior - the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. It ensures the implementation, organization and coordination of research, development and innovative support for protection of the population.

In the security research system, the Population Protection Institute has a specific position:

  • It acts as the creator that ensured construction of security research and its institutional support in a structure of the Ministry of Interior, influences setting of regular rules of security research, as it is common in other areas of research in the Czech Republic.
  • He significantly contributes to the professional performance of security research in solving his projects

Key documents relevant from the point of view of security research:

  • Reform of research, development and innovation system in the Czech Republic;
  • Interdepartmental concept of international cooperation in research and development of the Czech Republic until 2015
  • Interdepartmental concept of security research and development of the Czech Republic until 2015;
  • National policy of research, development and innovation of the Czech Republic for the years 2009 to 2015
  • National priorities for oriented research, experimental development and innovation;
  • National policy of research, development and innovation of the Czech Republic for the years 2016 to 2020
  • Interdepartmental concept of support for security research in the Czech Republic 2017-2023 with a view to 2030.

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