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Devices and technology

Laboratory equipment and instrumentation for experimental use 

Workplace of radiation countermeasures

Apparatus, technology


Emergency radiometer DC-3H-08

Hand radiometer for measuring dose rate of gamma radiation and surface contamination by particles emitting beta and gamma radiation

Portable gamma spectrometer InSpektor 1000

Portable semiconductor HPGe detector for identification and estimation of gamma-emitting radionuclide activities

FALCON 5000 portable gamma spectrometer

Portable semiconductor HPGe detector for measuring gamma radiation spectra. The Genie 2000 program enables identification of radionuclides and detailed analysis of spectra, including isotopic composition.

Gamma spektrometr BEGe (broad energy germanium detector) BE 5030

Thanks to its high resolution, it enables detailed analyses even for complex samples containing a mixture of different radionuclides. Evaluation is performed in the Genie 2000 program.

Tri-Carb 4910TR liquid scintillation analyser

In particular, analysis of liquid samples emitting alpha (0-8 MeV) and beta (0-2 MeV) radiation with possibility of separation of alpha and beta radiation.

Alpha, beta automaton EMS 3

Measurement of alpha and beta activity of solid samples, or evaporators in determination of alpha and beta and activity of liquid samples.

FHT 752 detector

Measurement of neutron dose rate


Simultaneous measurement and recording of dose rate of gamma and GPS radiation. Monitoring of large areas.

Set of portable frame, portal gamma radiation monitor

To control people and equipment contamination when leaving the emergency planning zone in the event of a radiation accident at a nuclear power plant

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