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Devices and technology

Laboratory equipment and instrumentation for experimental use 

Workplace of chemical measures

Apparatus, technology


Portable Raman spectrometer

The device allows identification of completely unknown substances directly in the field

SIGIS 2 remote detector

It is designed to identify clouds of combat and other dangerous chemicals in the air from great distances from the site of the outflow (up to 5 km). Hazardous substances are measured non-contact over long distances, outside the contaminated area, which completely eliminates risk of inhalation exposure of an operator and eliminates contamination of vehicles, property and decontamination, need for individual protection, etc. The device does not measure air at one point, but detects whole cloud of leaked hazardous substances, provides information on its spread and development.

Liquid chromatograph with mass detector

Device is mainly used for assessing foam-forming mixtures for extinguishing offered by the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

Room for non-destructive examination by X-rays

It is a stationary X-ray cabin with two small X-ray sources (120kV and 160kV)

SYCOS KDP devices and Q-RAE detector

With them it is possible to measure dynamic sorption capacities (DSC) not only for gaseous but also liquid substances with low boiling point

Portable FTIR spectrometer

The device allows identification of completely unknown substances directly in the field

Portable mass spectrometer

It is designed for highly sensitive field identification of substances in the air and swabs from surfaces

Hand X-ray fluorescence analyser

It is used for fast non-destructive analysis of elemental composition of samples in the field

Detector of ultra-trace concentrations of explosives

The device is designed for fast field detection of very low concentrations of explosives and classification of detected explosive into appropriate group

Gas chromatograph with mass detector

The system is designed for identification and determination of organic substances in the air, water, soil and other matrices

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer

It enables multi-component determination of elements in drinking, surface and wastewater

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